Trillion vaccine giants have soared by more than 330%

The global epidemic continues, and the stocks of vaccine giants soar.

The rebound of the epidemic situation in the United States has intensified. The latest data show that the number of newly confirmed cases in the United States once exceeded 250000 in a single day, but still exceeded 120000 yesterday. The number of hospitalizations continued to rise, reaching the highest point in nearly half a year. What is more serious is that the more infectious ramda variant virus has begun to spread in the United States, and thousands of cases of ramda variant virus infection have been found.

In the face of this situation, some U.S. departments or enterprises are determined to implement the “compulsory vaccine order”. The vaccine demand directly stimulates the stock price of American vaccine giant Moderna to soar all the way and constantly set a new record. Since this year, the cumulative increase has been as high as 337%, and the total market value was close to $200 billion (about 1268 billion yuan).

At the same time, domestic vaccine manufacturers also came good news about vaccine booster injection. After the end of August 10, the official announcement of China biology, the results of phase I / II clinical trial showed that the new crown inactivated vaccine of China biology of Sinopharm group had good safety and tolerance and could induce strong antibody response after three doses were inoculated in people over 3 years old. In the face of a more virulent variant strain, inoculation of third agents can better enhance the ability to fight COVID-19 when conditions permit.

US epidemic “explosion table”

The United States was once again shrouded in the shadow of the epidemic. At 17:21 local time on August 10, the latest data released by Johns Hopkins University showed that the number of newly confirmed cases in the United States had exceeded 36 million, reaching 36.0294 million; The cumulative number of deaths exceeded 618000. In the past 24 hours, 122700 new confirmed cases and 750 new deaths were reported. In addition, the number of newly confirmed cases and hospitalizations in the United States has continued to rise, reaching the highest point in six months, and against the background that more than 70% of adults in the United States have received the first dose of new crown vaccine.

For the severity of COVID-19 in the United States, CNN tease out the following five big data:

1. As of August 6, the average number of new cases in the United States on the 7th was more than 100000, the highest in nearly six months. Compared with the beginning of July, it has increased by 9 times, and most of the cases come from areas with low vaccination rate;

2, the number of hospitalized patients has reached a new high since February. Over 66 thousand people in the United States have been hospitalized for infection with COVID-19, the highest figure since February. According to CDC, novel coronavirus pneumonia was admitted to 12373 adults and 143 children in Florida in August 4th. More than 91% of hospitalized patients in Louisiana are not vaccinated;

3. The infection rate of children and adolescents soared by 84% in one week. Nearly 72000 new children were diagnosed from July 22 to 29, almost five times that of the end of June;

4. 93% of cases in the United States are infected with delta variant virus strain, with a higher proportion in Iowa, Arkansas, Missouri and Nebraska. More than 98% of cases are infected with delta variant virus. CDC internal documents show that Delta’s infectivity is like chickenpox, and it is more prone to severe cases;

5, novel coronavirus pneumonia is highly prevalent in most areas. According to CDC, over 97% of Americans live in areas where the new crown pneumonia is highly distributed.

This may not be the worst case of the epidemic in the United States. Another new crown variant strain – ramda( λ) It began to spread in the United States. According to CNN, thousands of cases of ramda variant virus infection have been found in the United States. The current research confirms that COVID-19’s Lamuda mutant strain is not only highly infectious, but also may escape neutralizing antibodies.

According to the data of who in July this year, the “ramda” mutant strain was first found in Peru last August. At present, it has spread to 30 countries and regions, especially in South American countries such as Chile, Peru and Ecuador. Some analysts believe that according to the current communication trend, ramda may replace Delta and become the “new drug king” popular all over the world in the next stage.

Trillion vaccine giant shares soar

In the first half of this year, after promoting the vaccination plan, the epidemic situation in the United States was once controlled. However, due to the willingness of the American people to reduce the price of vaccination and the invasion of the highly infectious delta mutant virus, the United States returned to the nightmare of a surge in the epidemic situation.

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