The stock index opened 0.17% lower

The three major A-share indexes collectively opened low, with the Shanghai index opening low by 0.17%, the Shenzhen Composite Index opening low by 0.15% and the gem index opening low by 0.08%. On the disk, Saline Lake’s lithium, Baijiu and hung Meng led the rise.

Salt Lake shares resumed listing today, opening up 343.67%, and the closing price before suspension was 8.84 yuan. CITIC Securities believes that through the segment valuation method: we estimate that the total market value of the company is 180 billion yuan, corresponding to the target price of 33 yuan. The price of the stock before the suspension was 8.84 yuan, that is to say, it has a return of nearly 270%. Zheshang Securities said that according to the valuation of comparable companies in the industry, it will give the company 20 times PE valuation of potash fertilizer sector and 40 times PE valuation of lithium salt sector in 2022 respectively. The corresponding total market value of the company is 150.7 billion yuan, which is covered for the first time and given a “buy” rating. According to the valuation of Zheshang securities, the stock price may reach about 27 yuan.

This morning, the Hang Seng index opened 0.66% higher to 26456.61 points, the state-owned enterprise index rose 0.86%, the Hang Seng technology index rose 1.62%, and Tencent holdings rose about 3.5%“ “Evergrande series” stocks generally rose, Evergrande property rose nearly 10%, Evergrande automobile rose more than 8%, and China Evergrande rose nearly 7%. Rongchang biology rose nearly 15% and entered into an exclusive global license agreement with SeaGen Inc.

U.S. stocks closed mixed on Monday, with the Dow down 0.30%, the NASDAQ up 0.16%, the S & P 500 down 0.09%, and precious metals and oil sectors leading the decline. WTI September crude oil futures closed down 2.63%; COMEX December gold futures closed down 2.08%.

Market news:

1. The central bank issued the report on the implementation of China’s monetary policy in the second quarter of 2021, which pointed out that we should adhere to the implementation of normal monetary policy and enhance the autonomy of macro policy; Strictly control the credit scale of high energy consumption and high emission projects; We will resolutely curb the rebound of various risks.

2. According to the data of Shanghai Nonferrous Metals network, in July 2021, China’s lithium carbonate output was about 18675 tons, a month on month decrease of 11% and a year-on-year increase of 26%; The output of lithium iron phosphate was 29810 tons, with a month on month increase of 3.5% and a year-on-year increase of 133%.

3. According to the 14th five year plan for high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Guangdong Province issued by Guangdong, by 2025, the operating revenue of the new generation of electronic information industry will reach 6.6 trillion yuan, forming a world-class new generation of electronic information industry cluster.

4. According to the latest report of omdia, the shipment of Q2 large-size LCD panel continued to grow year-on-year this year, the quarter on quarter growth slowed down, the shipment volume decreased by 1% month on month, and the shipment area maintained growth, with a month on month increase of 2%.

5. The national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued a notice on encouraging renewable energy power generation enterprises to build or purchase peak shaving capacity to increase the scale of grid connection, which proposed to encourage power generation enterprises to build energy storage or peak shaving capacity to increase the scale of grid connection.

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