Carbon neutralization is expected to create a billion market

It is estimated that in the next 30 years, the scale of green and low-carbon investment required for China to achieve carbon neutralization should be more than one billion yuan, bringing huge development opportunities for the green economy.

After more than a year of parting from the A shares, the “king of potash” Salt Lake shares resumed listing on August 10. On the last trading day before the suspension, the market value of Salt Lake shares remained at 48 billion and the closing price was 8.84 yuan / share. At the opening today, the company’s share price rose by 343.7%, with 634200 transactions at the opening, about 2.49 billion yuan, and the market value of a shares soared to 213.1 billion yuan. One minute after the opening, the company’s share price continued to soar to 388.1% and triggered a temporary stop. In less than two minutes in the morning, the turnover reached 6.03 billion yuan.

Carbon neutralization is expected to give birth to a billion market, and the funds are the leaders of heavy positions

For the salt lake shares, which sit on the important resource of Qarhan Salt Lake and continuously increase the lithium carbonate business, this resumption has the momentum of “the return of the king”. In its Research Report on the evening of August 9, China Galaxy Securities said that in terms of 2021 performance, Salt Lake shares are valued at about 114.5 billion yuan“ Considering the growth potential of the company’s lithium carbonate business and the prosperity of each business, we think the valuation of the company should be between 130 billion and 200 billion yuan. ” From the performance of Salt Lake shares in early trading today, the market value of the company exceeded the expected target of the organization in only one day.

The United Nations issued the toughest warning on climate change

On August 9, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC) released the report climate change 2021: Fundamentals of natural science, which issued the severest warning against the deepening climate emergency in history and predicted that climate change in all regions of the world would intensify in the coming decades.

In this latest report, the IPCC has more clearly demonstrated the serious consequences of man-made global warming than ever before. The latest science predicts sea-level rise, sea ice melting, heat waves, drought and rainstorms. The IPCC warned that “without immediate, rapid and large-scale reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the goal of controlling the rise of global average temperature within 1.5 ° C to 2 ° C compared with the pre industrial period (Paris Agreement) will not be achieved.”

It is reported that the threshold of 1.5 ° C is a key global goal, because beyond this level, it is possible to reach the so-called climate “critical point”. 20 years ago, IPCC put forward the concept of climate “critical point”, that is, the key threshold for global or regional climate to change from one stable state to another. The critical point event may be irreversible.

The latest research results of the IPCC were approved by 195 Member States last Friday, providing global leaders with a “gold standard” summary of modern climate science before the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (cop26) in early November. UN Secretary General Guterres said: “the first report released by the IPCC is a ‘Red Alert’ for all mankind. The alarm is deafening and the evidence is irrefutable. ” “Greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and deforestation are killing our planet and putting billions of people at direct risk,” he added

In response to the problem of global warming, the IPCC gave the answer in the report: mankind can still prevent the earth from getting hotter. To achieve this, countries need to make concerted efforts to immediately start to quickly abandon fossil fuels and stop emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere around 2050.

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