Lithium battery sector continued to decline

The three major A-share indexes collectively opened low, with the Shanghai index down 0.48%, the Shenzhen composite index down 0.60% and the gem down 1.01%. In early trading, the trend of the index was differentiated. The Shanghai index rose and once turned red. The gem index fell more than 2% and the Shenzhen composite index fell 0.70%. Brokerage stocks rose in early trading, Oriental securities rose by the limit, and GF Securities and Huaxin shares rose. Baijiu stocks rose and strong, and Huangtai liquor industry was closed down, rock stocks and wine industry rose. Pork stocks continued to rise in early trading, aonong biology and superstar agriculture and animal husbandry both rose, and tianbang shares, muyuan shares, new hope, Dabei agriculture and Wen’s shares followed. On the news, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas proposed to establish a counter cyclical regulation mechanism for pig production to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. Lithium battery stocks continued to fall in early trading, with Xingyuan material falling by 12%, Zhongke electric falling by more than 11%, jiangte motor falling by the limit, and individual stocks such as chuanneng power, University of science and technology manufacturing, Tianqi lithium industry, Tianhua Chaojing, Longpan technology and Tianji shares all falling by more than 8%. On the disk, aquaculture, food and beverage, securities, etc. led the increase, while semiconductor chips, lithium batteries, automobile vehicles, etc. led the decline.

Market news:

1. China’s CPI rose 1.0% year-on-year in July and PPI rose 9% year-on-year in July

In July, China’s consumer prices rose by 1.0% year-on-year, expected to rise by 0.8%, and the previous value rose by 1.1%. China’s industrial producer price (PPI) rose 9% year-on-year in July, estimated at 8.8%, compared with the previous value of 8.8%.

2. Bureau of Statistics: pork prices fell 43.5% year-on-year in July, an increase of 7.0 percentage points over the previous month

According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, from a year-on-year perspective, pork prices fell 43.5% in July, an increase of 7.0 percentage points over the previous month; The price of freshwater fish rose by 30.9% and fell by 2.6 percentage points; The prices of eggs and edible vegetable oil increased by 18.3% and 9.5% respectively. Non food prices rose by 2.1%, an increase of 0.4 percentage points over the previous month, affecting the CPI rise by about 1.70 percentage points.

3. People’s daily article: medical beauty to the best effect, but also to prevent adverse consequences

People’s daily pointed out that in recent years, the medical beauty industry has developed rapidly, and more and more people choose to realize their wish to become beautiful through medical beauty. However, the problems can not be ignored. Some medical and aesthetic institutions only talk about “best effect” and not “adverse consequences” in the publicity process, which is easy to make consumers ignore potential safety hazards“ Relevant departments should strengthen supervision, especially to crack down on the chaos of online medical beauty stores. ” Fan Jufeng, director of plastic surgery of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that medical and beauty institutions should obtain medical advertisement review certificates according to law and publish medical advertisements in strict accordance with the provisions of the advertising law and medical advertisement management measures, and do not publish false medical advertisements and false information.

4. Economic Daily Comments: watch out for the rise of repeated construction of hydrogen energy industry

The economic daily commented that at present, the development of key technologies of hydrogen energy and fuel cell in China still needs to be improved, and the relevant technical standards, regulatory system and supporting construction are not perfect, especially the industrial foundation for the development of hydrogen energy in some regions is relatively weak. In this case, it is necessary to prevent the situation that hydrogen energy projects in various places rush into the market and disperse in a rush in case of difficulties.

Institutional perspective:

1. CITIC Securities: style balance is turned on, and switching still takes time

Recently, the sharp fluctuations in the growth and manufacturing sector have increased significantly. The process of style balance has been started. The problem of over interpreting policies and spreading anxiety is being corrected. The market has fully reflected the downward revision of economic expectations. It is expected that the process of style balance will continue in August, but the style switching may not occur until the end of the third quarter. The process of market style balance is already taking place. It is recommended to maintain a balanced configuration of growth manufacturing and value consumption, shift from high-level track to relatively low-level track in the growth sector, and gradually layout some high boom consumption and pharmaceutical segments.

2. Founder Securities: continue to embrace scientific and technological growth, and phased adjustment is a good opportunity for layout

The peaking of the growth market is often accompanied by the deterioration of the micro trading structure, which is reflected in the rapid rise of the turnover rate and the proportion of turnover. However, the congestion of local transactions often occurs many times during previous market periods. It is difficult to judge whether the growth market has peaked only by the congestion of micro trading structure“ The combination of “not weak economy + not tight policy” lays a macro foundation for the continuous interpretation of the follow-up growth style, and superimposes the strong support of industrial policies for scientific and technological innovation. At present, the fundamental support of the growth sector remains strong, and the market will continue.

3. Haitong Securities: the bull market is still in progress, and intelligent manufacturing is the first echelon

The macro background of this year is similar to that of the past 10 years. The policy is tight in the first half of the year, and the fundamental data is weaker than expected. The policy is loose in the second half of the year, and the fundamental data is expected to be better than expected. This year’s market rhythm is also similar to that of 10 years, first restraining and then raising. In the first half, the market is expected to pick up and the opportunities spread in the second half. Intelligent manufacturing with high prosperity is expected to remain strong, and the traditional manufacturing industry in the middle and lower reaches is also expected to be repaired.

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