The founder of medical and American institutions, “IMER”, did not make money

In the capital market, Yimei has always been regarded as a hot money track for huge profits. Last year, AMEC in the upstream of the medical and beauty industry landed in a shares. In July this year, it entered Hong Kong stocks again.

As a product developer in the upstream industry, how much money “selling shovels” makes has been deeply impressed on the public’s mind.

However, as the core link of the industrial chain and connecting the upstream and downstream medical and aesthetic institutions, they have received less attention than the upstream.

At the industrial level, medical and American institutions have also ushered in many changes. Since the end of 2019, medical and American institutions have actively embraced the wave of capital, and M & A activities in the industry have become increasingly active, most of which are transformants.

In April 2016, Lanzi acquired 30% shares of Korean dream group with RMB 25.2 million to enter the medical and beauty industry; In June of the same year, it acquired two Chinese medical beauty brands, Milan Baiyu and Jingfu, with RMB 327 million; In January 2018, langzi acquired 100% equity of Xi’an Gaosheng medical beauty hospital for RMB 267 million.

In 2017, Shanghai Suya Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Suning Global Holdings, completed the acquisition of 90% equity of Shanghai Tianda medical beauty hospital Co., Ltd. and began the layout of its own medical beauty hospital.

In 2021, Aoyuan Meigu acquired 55% equity of liantianmei and obtained two regional medical head institutions.

Resources are increasingly concentrated to the head. When traditional industries are transforming into medical beauty, old medical beauty institutions are also eyeing the way of listing.

On the evening of August 3, the private chain Medical Beauty Group Beijing YiMeier Medical Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as YiMeier) officially submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong stock exchange for listing on the main board, with Haitong international as its exclusive sponsor.

A pioneer of medical beauty born in the media

In June 2017, Deloitte published an analysis of China’s medical beauty market, which highly rated IMER and believed that:

From a comprehensive point of view, IMER has high business income, is a domestic chain brand, and has considerable strength to compete for the leading position in the industry in the future.

However, Wang Yongan, founder and CEO of IMER, was quite indifferent to this. He thought:

No matter how the industry shuffles and how the enterprises rank, IMER is always doing it and will always be a “qualified fool” in the industry.

Source: China Economic Net

There is a reason for indifference. Wang Yongan, who experienced life setbacks early, learned these from life.

When I first chose to do medical beauty, I was at the bottom of my life. Before starting his business in Yimei, he was a trader, an investor and a reporter. After his business failed in 1996, when he visited abroad, he found a device developed by Israel called laser intense pulse skin therapeutic instrument, which can make the skin transparent, so he introduced this machine into mainland China and named it photon rejuvenation therapeutic instrument.

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