“Closed” BYD

On July 24, 2021, two cars were parked on the test site of “understanding the car emperor” of the automotive media. One is BYD’s Han EV and the other is BAIC’s extreme fox alpha s.

This is a car frontal crash test. The two vehicles collided with each other at a speed of 64km / h with an offset of 50%. After the test, the body of BYD Han EV was seriously damaged, the cab collapsed, the roof frame was completely deformed, the door was not opened, and the dummy was damaged.

This was not news originally. As the automotive media under today’s headlines, it is normal to understand that chedi carries out automobile tests. But 48 hours later, the news happened – the collision with the static BYD Han EV suddenly caught fire.

In BYD’s product line, Han EV has commendable safety. At the beginning of development, it was built according to the five-star safety standard and won the C-NCAP five-star safety certification with a score rate of 91.5%; It has passed the certification of the national authority of China Insurance Research Institute. It is the first new energy car to win the “double excellent safety certification”.

As soon as the fire news came out, the safety of BYD Han EV and blade battery was quickly pushed to the forefront of public opinion.

BYD’s official microblog immediately questioned that the tested Han EV replaced the conductive red coolant, which caused a short circuit and combustion due to coolant leakage. The coolant of Han EV mass production vehicle is the unique purple of BYD and has no conductivity. At the same time, BYD also proposed that the test standards and methods of chedi are non mainstream and non authoritative, not national and industrial standards.

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