Three hundred billion big white horses plummeted

The Baijiu plate, which is most concerned by shareholders, hit bottom and rebounded from nearly 3% to nearly 4%. Baijiu led the big consumption together, the overvalued value stocks rebounded all over the world, and the index of Mao rose sharply, and the three indexes were red!

Correspondingly, the previous strongest concept Semiconductor Index collapsed, closing down 4.66%. Hundreds of billions of Baima North Huachuang, Zhongwei company and Zhaoyi innovation suffered heavy losses one after another, and the Nanjing portfolio index once fell more than 3%.

Maotai hit the bottom and rebounded

Baijiu outbreak

Bottom bounce! This morning, Guizhou Maotai once fell more than 3% to a low of 1620 yuan, then hit the bottom and rebounded, all the way up, pulling 7 points! By midday, it had closed up more than 4%! The latest share price is 1747 yuan per share, with a market value of 2.19 trillion yuan.

It is worth noting that Guizhou Moutai announced the mid day weekend report, 2021Q2 revenue increased 13.6% over the same period, net profit of +12.5%, compared with the same period, the performance is in line with market expectations, and stable Baijiu confidence.

Under the counter attack of Maotai, the liquor index rose by nearly 4%.

Huangtai liquor directly sealed the trading board.

Jiugui Liquor and willing liquor industry have followed suit.

Oversold value stocks rebounded across the board

Mao index rose sharply

It is worth noting that the “Mao index” led by Maotai has also launched a major counterattack! The index closed up 2.11%.

Sany Heavy Industry directly raised the limit, and Hengli hydraulic, Dongfang fortune and golden dragon fish rose by more than 8%.

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