Tesla 13 ton lithium ion battery on fire

Only two days after registration, a $1 million Tesla Megapack energy storage unit caught fire in the test stage, and more than 100 firefighters are trying to prevent the fire from spreading to other surrounding battery packs.

“There are many reasons for the fire. Most of the energy storage power stations are placed in the open air, the working environment is worse than indoor, and there are more uncertainties and potential safety hazards.” The Puritan, Secretary General of Zhongguancun new battery technology innovation alliance, believes that the lower cost and better safety of lithium iron phosphate battery make it more suitable for energy storage business.

Million dollar battery pack on fire

On July 30, a fire broke out in the “Victorian big battery” project near Geelong, Australia. A Tesla Megapack battery pack loaded with 13 tons of lithium-ion batteries caught fire. About 150 firefighters are trying to control the fire from spreading to other battery packs.

The project is owned by French renewable energy giant neoen, with a total energy storage capacity of 300MW / 450mwh and 150 Tesla Megapack energy storage units. It is the largest electrochemical energy storage project in Australia. It is also regarded as a key project for the local government to achieve 50% renewable energy goal by 2030. It is planned to be officially put into operation by the end of this year. Prior to this, another energy storage project operated by neoen locally also adopted Tesla Megapack energy storage unit, which has generated millions of dollars in benefits.

“Neoen and Tesla are working with local emergency services to respond to various situations.” Neoen said in a statement that the project conducted preliminary tests in the morning, and the fire occurred between 10:00 and 10:15, but the cause of the fire has not been announced. According to the news previously released by neoen, the project was registered with the Australian energy market operator on July 28. This means that only two days after registration, a fire broke out in Tesla’s Megapack energy storage unit.

Musk, who learned the news, called “Prometheus Unbound” on the social platform.

According to investigation, Shelley, an English Romantic poet, once wrote the poetic drama “Prometheus Unbound”, and the Chinese translation is Prometheus liberated. Prometheus is a character in Greek mythology. He stole fire from Apollo, the sun god, and gave it to mankind, bringing light to mankind. He was punished by Zeus and tied to the Caucasus.

Musk’s statement seems to have a sense of ridicule.

In fact, energy storage has always been an important business of Tesla. According to the financial report, Tesla’s installed solar energy and energy storage capacity in the second quarter were 85mW and 1274mwh respectively, an increase of more than three times compared with 27mw and 419mwh in the same period last year, with a total revenue of US $801 million.

At the second quarter earnings conference call, musk also talked about Tesla’s growing energy storage business, claiming that Tesla’s domestic Powerwall needs more than 1 million, and utilities need a large number of megapacks to support the global transformation to renewable energy, and pointed out that Megapack energy storage units with a capacity of about 3mwh per unit “have been basically sold out by the end of next year”.

In addition, musk also said that in the long run, “Tesla and other suppliers need to produce at least 1000 GWH of fixed energy storage every year, perhaps 2000 GWH”.

According to the latest price list, the starting price of Tesla Megapack energy storage unit is as high as $1235900.

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