Gem index rose more than 4%

A shares were significantly higher than the three indexes, the strong rise in the morning index index, the gem index rose by 3.7%, breaking 3400 points, Baijiu, insurance and other weight plates weaken the Shanghai stock index, the strong strong Shanghai weak pattern is more obvious. In early trading, technology stocks rebounded collectively, semiconductors and photoresists continued to rise, military industry, photovoltaic and lithium batteries recovered, rare earth plates continued to rise, and three child concept stocks continued to be strong. In the afternoon, the index continued to strengthen, with the gem index up more than 4%, the Shanghai index up 1.09% and the Shenzhen composite index up 2.61%. On the whole, market sentiment recovered significantly, most of the plates in the two cities strengthened, individual stocks showed a general upward pattern, and more than 3500 stocks in the two cities rose. On the plate, the plate rose, and semiconductor, lithium batteries, photovoltaic and other sectors were among the top gainers, and banks, Baijiu and other plates were among the top ones.

Market highlights:

1. The listing of kindergartens is prohibited, and there are big moves in Shenzhen. The legislation of preschool education is expected to be the first

The full text of the regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Preschool Education (Draft) was announced recently《 The regulations not only explicitly require that preschool children can enter inclusive kindergartens nearby, but also stipulate that kindergartens shall not be listed as enterprise assets in order to maintain the social public welfare nature of preschool education. It is reported that the regulations have been included in the legislative plan for 2021, and were submitted to the second meeting of the Standing Committee of the seventh Municipal People’s Congress for the first review in June this year. It is expected to set a precedent for the legislation of preschool education in mainland China, and the top-level design of preschool education in Shenzhen is becoming more and more perfect.

2. Central bank Li Xingfeng: strengthen prudential supervision of financial science and technology innovation and stick to the bottom line of science and technology ethics in the financial field

On July 28, at the opening ceremony of a series of 2021 Zhongguancun Financial Science and technology activities, Li Xingfeng, deputy director of the science and Technology Department of the people’s Bank of China, pointed out that the current financial science and technology development is facing new situations and challenges. He pointed out that the problems of unbalanced and insufficient development are still prominent. We should base ourselves on the new development stage, implement the new development concept and do a good job in financial science and technology work in the new period, Promote the steady development of financial technology. Li Xingfeng said, “first, strengthen the prudential supervision of financial science and technology innovation; Second, focus on bridging the digital divide in development; Third, comprehensively deepen the application practice of supervision science and technology; Fourth, stick to the bottom line of science and technology ethics in the financial field. ”

3. The US Senate voted to promote a bipartisan infrastructure plan worth about $1.2 trillion

On July 28 local time, the U.S. Senate, with 67 votes in favor and 32 votes against, promoted a bipartisan infrastructure plan of about $1.2 trillion, including a new federal fund of about $550 billion for infrastructure such as roads and bridges. The relevant legislation still needs to be finally passed by the Senate.

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