Supporting policies to encourage childbirth were introduced

n July 29, capital bond learned that the three child concept stocks in the Hong Kong stock market rose generally today.

As of press time, Jinxin reproductive (01951. HK) rose 9.29%, and Beikang medical-b (02170. HK) recorded an increase of 88.48%. Good child International (01086. HK) rose 5.75%, Aoyou (01717. HK) rose 4.61% and maple leaf Education (01317. HK) rose 4.03%.

In terms of news, yesterday, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province held a press conference to announce and interpret in detail the 16 policies and measures on promoting human resources gathering in Panzhihua City.

Policy measures mentioned that the registered residence of two or three children born in Panzhihua has a monthly allowance of 500 yuan per child, until the child is 3 years old. Panzhihua became the first city in China to give cash subsidies directly.

On May 31, 2021, the Central Committee meeting pointed out to further optimize the fertility policy and implement the policy that a couple can have three children and supporting measures.

At present, the policy has begun to reduce the burden of “birth, maintenance and education” on residents from all aspects. The opinions on further reducing students’ homework burden and after-school training burden at the stage of compulsory education (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) issued in late July this year proposed that we should not only reduce students’ excessive homework burden, further improve the after-school service level, but also clearly and comprehensively standardize after-school training behavior, which may also be an indispensable part of the improvement of the supporting policies of the “three child policy”.

In addition, the decision on optimizing Fertility Policies and promoting the long-term balanced development of the population (hereinafter referred to as the decision) also points out that from birth to maintenance, focusing on female production, child education, housing support and other aspects, the decision puts forward 10 specific supporting measures.

The decision points out that when allocating public rental housing, local governments can give appropriate care to families that meet the local housing security conditions and have minor children in terms of house type selection according to the number of minor children. In addition, local governments can study and formulate preferential policies for differential leasing and house purchase according to the burden of raising minor children.

Overall, the three child policy is being implemented in an orderly and gradual manner. The implementation of the three child fertility policy and supporting measures is conducive to promoting the same direction of fertility policy and relevant economic and social policies, meeting the fertility wishes of more families and boosting the fertility level.

Some analysts said that with the aggravation of population aging, in order to encourage fertility, the subsidies of future policies may be further increased. In the future, more cities in China will start to subsidize newborns, and perhaps the subsidies will be greater and greater. With the gradual implementation of the policy, this will bring great market opportunities to three child concept stocks.

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