Gem index rose 0.39%

The three largest indexes of A share are Baijiu, the stock index is flat, the Shenzhen index reaches 0.06%, and the growth enterprise market index is up 0.39%. On the disk, semiconductor, mining and services, nonferrous metals and other sectors are among the top gainers.

This morning, FTSE China A50 Index futures opened up 1.08%. The Hang Seng index opened down 0.69%, approaching the 26000 point mark, and the Hang Seng technology index fell 1.81%. Technology stocks continued their decline yesterday, with Tencent holdings down more than 5% and Netease down nearly 7%. China Heng fell more than 8% after announcing the cancellation of the special dividend scheme.

The three major indexes of U.S. stocks closed up slightly, with the Dow index up 0.24%, the S & P 500 index up 0.24%, the NASDAQ up 0.03%, most Chinese stocks fell, and online education stocks led the decline, with New Oriental down more than 33% and tal down more than 26%.

Yesterday, a shares fell 2 trillion yuan. In view of the sharp decline, securities analysts said that the decline would not continue and the market would stabilize at any time; The pattern of dominant growth style will continue, and it is expected to continue to win in the future; Grasp A-share structural investment opportunities; Self control is the general trend that is difficult to reverse in the medium term; The overall valuation of the market is not high, whether it is a shares or Hong Kong shares.

Public funds generally believe that the market correction is the result of the joint action of policy, valuation, liquidity, position adjustment of public funds and other factors. Although the short-term market may fluctuate greatly under the influence of panic, the fundamentals of a shares have not changed, and the adjustment of share price provides good intervention opportunities for high-quality companies. In terms of allocation, a number of fund companies suggest focusing on sectors and individual stocks with reasonable valuation and strong performance certainty.

Market highlights:

1. When Li Keqiang went to the national flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters to preside over a video conference on flood fighting, rescue and disaster relief and flood control yesterday morning, he said that several billion yuan of central financial reserve funds had been allocated in advance to support the severely affected areas.

2. The CPPCC National Committee held a special consultation meeting on “actively responding to population aging and promoting balanced population development”. The meeting proposed to explore the policy of gradually delaying the retirement age, reduce the cost of childbirth, parenting and education, and change the downward trend of childbearing willingness.

3. The Ministry of Finance issued an announcement on improving the tax policies related to housing leasing. For all the rental income obtained by ordinary taxpayers of value-added tax in Housing leasing enterprises from renting houses to individuals, they can choose to apply the simple tax calculation method, and calculate and pay value-added tax according to the 5% collection rate reduced by 1.5%.

4. Recently, the State Administration of market supervision and other seven departments jointly issued the guiding opinions on implementing the responsibility of online catering platform and effectively safeguarding the rights and interests of takeout waiters, which proposed that the “strictest algorithm” should not be used as the assessment requirement for takeout waiters.

5. The safe held a video conference on foreign exchange management in the second half of 2021 and pointed out that the scope of facilitation pilot projects such as trade and foreign exchange revenue and expenditure facilitation, cross-border investment of private equity investment funds and domestic and foreign currency integrated capital pool of multinational companies should be further expanded.

6. SASAC of the State Council: during the “14th five year plan” period, we will vigorously promote more investment of state-owned capital in important fields related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood and in fields related to the country’s economic lifeline, science and technology, national defense and security, and accelerate the layout of strategic emerging technologies and industrial frontier fields.

7. Ministry of ecology and environment: China will incorporate the HFCS reduction plan into China’s national plan for phasing out ozone depleting substances, and establish and implement the HFCS import and export license system.

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