“Chip brother” becomes a male god

On the afternoon of July 26, the A-shares and Hong Kong shares of China core international suddenly rose against the trend, which led to a significant strengthening of the whole semiconductor plate. The Central International A shares and Hong Kong stocks rose 10.25% and 10.27% respectively.

“Chip brother” suddenly the elephant danced, investors excited. The core international and chip stocks have become hot topics. The popularity of the core international bar soared from more than 300 to fifth, according to the Oriental wealth network.

Since the second half of the year, the price of China core international has been depressed, which has been dubbed “slag man” by some investors online. However, seeing yesterday’s big Yangxian, many financial bloggers said: slag man became a male god.

For chip stocks, not only the stock market, but also some A-share listed companies are also acting.

On the evening of July 26, Shangfeng cement announced that Ningbo Shangrong, a wholly-owned subsidiary, was the main investor, with a capital contribution of 200 million yuan. It jointly established a private investment fund, Junpu ran venture capital partnership (limited partnership) of Suzhou Industrial Park (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as “Junpu venture capital”) with a total fund scale of RMB 1billion, The investment will be in the field of IC memory design and wafer manufacturing and processing.

It is not unique that evening, huapengfei, a logistics company, also announced that the joint venture established the equity investment partnership (limited partnership) of Guangguang Peng (tentative name), with a capital contribution of 100million yuan, a shareholding ratio of 30.21%, and the controlling shareholder and actual controller Zhang Jingyu contributed 111million yuan, with a shareholding ratio of 33.23%.

Shangfeng cement: has participated in multiple semiconductor investment projects

This is not the first time that Shanghai cement has made equity investment in new economic fields such as semiconductor. Shangfeng cement said that the company has always had a rigorous investment plan to hedge the impact of the cyclical nature of the cement industry on the company’s performance. “Under the premise of adhering to the upgrading of the main industry, effectively guaranteeing the demand for main business operation and investment cash flow and effectively controlling risks, financial investment in new economic industry will not only help to properly reduce the cyclical fluctuation risk of a single main industry, And improve the comprehensive management level of the team, promote the existing main industries to accelerate the integration of industrial Internet upgrading thinking, and further enhance the overall competitiveness of the company. The company will make full use of resources, grasp investment risk, optimize investment allocation, assist in investment upgrading, and provide support for the company’s sustained, rapid and stable development with the help of advantages and resources such as professional investment management institutions. The investment capital is from the company’s own funds, which will not have adverse impact on the company’s financial and operating conditions, and there is no situation that damages the interests of shareholders of the listed company. ” Shangfeng cement said in the announcement.

Shangfeng cement is a old cement enterprise founded in 1978. It is a large cement enterprise specializing in the production and sale of cement clinker, cement and cement products. It was landed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1996. In April, 2020, Shangfeng cement formulated the development path map of “one main and two wings” of “cement building materials + aggregate environmental protection + investment”. In the main industry of cement, in February 2021, it invested 112million yuan to fund 85% of the equity income of Songta cement; Aggregate and cement kiln are operating smoothly in the collaborative treatment of hazardous waste and environmental protection; In terms of equity investment in new economic industry, Shangfeng cement is positioned as financial investment, and has been able to develop integrated circuits, high-end manufacturing, environmental protection and other fields.

On September 9, 2020, Shangfeng cement announced that the company can use its own funds of no more than RMB 5500million (including RMB 5500 million) in one year to invest in new economic industry, and the funds can be used in rolling way within the quota. The amount refers to the total initial investment amount held by the company within 12 months after the investment decision is approved. The investment scope is mainly for high-quality growth projects in the industries such as semiconductor, chip, high-end manufacturing, environmental protection and other industries, led by scientific and technological innovation and green and high-quality development. The investment scope is to conduct new economic and financial investment, combining long and short, and combining industry with finance.

With the help of professional institutions, the investment of Shangfeng cement is still good. Previously, Shangfeng cement announced that it has invested in Hefei crystal integration, Zhejiang Shuwei rail transit equipment manufacturing enterprise, Zhejiang Shuwei rail, and Guangzhou Yuexin semiconductor, a leading enterprise in the semiconductor industry chain, and Yaohui technology, a semiconductor IP R & D and service enterprise, which has the largest proportion in the global market.

Among them, Hefei Jinghe integration, the first project of equity investment in Shanghai new economy, has been accepted in May this year. Shanghai fengcement holds 1.75% of the equity before the issuance of crystal integration through Hefei Jiuxin Fund (the company holds 83.06% share) established by cooperation with professional institutions, and is the sixth largest shareholder of crystal integration.

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