All three indexes fell by more than 1%

The three major A-share indexes opened lower, and the three major indexes continued to weaken in early trading, with a decline of more than 1%. Semiconductor chip plate opened higher, Xinpeng micro limit, Beijing Junzheng, Quanzhi technology, Liyang chip, Shilan micro, etc. Military stocks continued to strengthen, Zhenhua Technology took the lead in closing the trading limit, and several stocks such as Fushun Special Steel, Tunan shares, Beimo high tech and Great Wall military industry rose by more than 7%. Liquor stocks opened lower and Guizhou Moutai once fell 4.5%, the lowest since last December 25th. Medical beauty concept stocks fell in early trading, Suning global fell by the limit, Aier ophthalmology and Wuzhong, Jiangsu fell by more than 8%, followed by Huaxi biology, Changjiang health and aimeike. On the disk, Baijiu, online education, medical beauty, cloud games and other sectors are among the top. Semiconductor, military industry, nonferrous metals and other sectors led the increase.

In the morning, education stocks continued to decline. Many stocks such as doushen education, Kede education, Qinshang shares, ANGLI education and XueDa education fell by the limit or more than 10% at the opening. In the news, the State Office of the central office issued the opinions on further reducing the homework burden and after-school training burden of students in the stage of compulsory education. A number of A-share listed companies involved in the education industry said it would have a significant impact. Hong Kong stock education sector collective diving, thinking music education fell 45%, New Oriental fell nearly 40%, excellence education group and New Oriental online fell more than 25%.

Market highlights:

1. The opinions on further reducing students’ homework burden and after-school training burden at the stage of compulsory education issued by the central office and the state office put forward that discipline training institutions shall not be listed for financing and capitalization operation is strictly prohibited. The Ministry of Education said that the “double reduction” work will select nine regions such as Beijing and Shanghai as pilots.

2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced sanctions against seven US personnel and entities, including former US Secretary of Commerce Ross, saying that the United States concocted the so-called “Hong Kong business warning”, unreasonably discredited the business environment in Hong Kong, illegally sanctioned officials of several Chinese central government agencies stationed in Hong Kong, and seriously interfered in China’s internal affairs.

3. Local governments have successively released economic “transcripts” in the first half of the year. As of July 25, among the 27 provinces with published data, 25 provinces had a GDP growth rate of more than 10%.

4. According to the securities times, institutions will block local implicit debt and will not add local government implicit debt to customers who do not involve local government implicit debt in the future.

5. The regulatory authorities plan to take relevant measures from the two aspects of optimizing rules and strengthening supervision to maintain a good order in the issuance of new shares.

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