The national carbon trading market first rose 6.7 percent

Spark Global Limited reports:

The first trading day of the national carbon emission trading market ended at 3 PM on July 16.

As of the close of trading, the latest carbon quota price was 51.23 yuan/ton, up 6.73%, with an average price of 51.23 yuan/ton, the highest price 52.80 yuan/ton, and the lowest price 48 yuan/ton. The total transaction volume was 4.1040 million tons, and the total transaction amount was 210 million yuan.

According to the public information, the opening price of the carbon quota today was 48 yuan/ton, and the first transaction took place in the second minute after the opening, the trading price was 52.78 yuan/ton, the turnover was 160,000 tons, and the transaction amount was 7.9 million yuan.

When Time Finance called the Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange on the same day, officials said they did not have any real-time trading data available to review, nor could they disclose which company made the first deal.

Spark Global Limited reports:In the first industrial cycle of the national carbon market, a total of 2,162 key units in China’s power generation sector will be opened, covering about 4.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions, said Huang Runqiu, minister of ecology and environment, at the launch ceremony on July 16.

Held in July 14, the policy of the State Council routine briefing, the ecological environment vice-minister Zhao Yingmin, said from the international experience, electricity industry is a national carbon market preference into the industry, “the power generation industry relatively perfect management system, a single product, the industry high degree of automation management, complete facilities of emissions data measuring, data management specification, It is also easy to verify and the allocation of quotas is simpler.”

Although according to the previously announced trading rules of the national carbon emission rights market, qualified individuals can also participate in the trading, the current first batch of participants are key open units in the power generation industry, and individual investors are not allowed to participate in the trading for the time being.

How can individual investors grasp the opening opportunities of the national carbon emission rights market? Times finance and economics sorted out a few investment tracks from the brokerage grind newspaper.

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New energy is the trend of The Times
In order to achieve the “30·60” target of “carbon peak, carbon neutral”, new energy is bound to further develop, and even replace the growth of fossil energy. Times Finance noted that almost every brokerage will be the new energy industry as a key recommended track, but the Angle of recommendation is different.

More than 2,000 key power generation companies were the first to be included in the national carbon emission trading market. Therefore, Ping An Securities Research Report believes that with the online operation of the national carbon market, the power industry will face the pressure of carbon emission reduction, and clean energy gradually becomes the main source of electricity. Ping An Securities suggested focusing on carbon trading third-party services, energy conservation and emission reduction technology, clean energy and other areas of related investment opportunities.

Tianfeng Securities is optimistic about the positive effect of carbon emission trading market on the new energy power generation industry. It believes that the wind power and photovoltaic power generation industries will get rid of the dependence on subsidies and get further development due to the increased profits brought by carbon trading market, the high increase of superimposed installed capacity and the decrease of power generation cost.

Dongguan Securities holds the same view, suggesting that on the one hand, it should pay attention to the new energy industry chain in line with the “carbon neutral” direction, such as photovoltaic, wind power, hydropower and other related industries, and on the other hand, it should pay attention to the energy conservation and emission reduction industry chain, such as solid waste treatment, sewage treatment, carbon monitoring, carbon capture, etc.

The country gold securities bulwark team recommendation is more specific. In the field of new energy, it recommends the field of biogas power generation, through the direct recovery and utilization of waste biogas or recycling power generation can achieve a win-win environment and economy; In the field of energy efficiency, it is recommended to focus on enterprises providing energy efficiency services in the equipment sector and the emerging and potentially huge market of building energy efficiency renovation and operation.

In addition to the recommendation of new energy power generation industry, Southwest Securities, Industrial Securities continue to recommend the new energy electric vehicle industry chain, that the penetration of new energy electric vehicles will further improve, new energy vehicle supply chain, manufacturing end, operation end, the whole industry chain will benefit.

Traditional industries continue to make money
The carbon-neutral target is both a challenge and an opportunity for traditional industries.

This is especially true for paper companies, where forestland that used to be “worthless” has suddenly become a sought-after “carbon sink” in the carbon trading market. Sinolink Securities, CITIC Construction Investment, Ping An Securities are recommended to focus on enterprises with forestry carbon sinks.

The construction sector is one of the top three carbon emitting industries in China, and there are still investment opportunities under the carbon neutral target. Sinolink Securities suggested focusing on energy-saving renovation of buildings, as well as the operation of the market; Southwest Securities recommended the field of green building, focusing on photovoltaic integration track; Industrial Securities recommended insulation materials and cement mortar consumption to reduce the prefabricated building.

Waste disposal is also an important part of being carbon neutral. Soochow Securities, Industrial Securities recommended waste incineration industry, Southwest Securities suggested attention to the direction of treatment and carbon consumption, CITIC Construction Investment recommended waste incineration power generation industry, kitchen disposal industry, biomass power generation.

Traditional “energy intensive” companies, such as steel and chemicals, will also have opportunities for further development after the national carbon trading market opens. Industrial Securities pointed out that the carbon neutral target brings a longer dimension, with strict environmental standards, will force the high energy consumption of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry to clear, while the leading enterprises with leading energy consumption level of cost advantage will be further highlighted.

Hua An Securities chemical team believes that chemical products are closely related to people’s lives, demand will not disappear because of the policy. However, under the target of carbon neutrality, fossil-based materials may face subversive impact in some parts, and bio-based materials are expected to become the new base materials for global industry.

In addition, Industrial Securities and Hua ‘an Securities believe that green energy will become a way to transform traditional industries. For example, Societe Generale Securities research newspaper believes that electrolytic aluminum industry will further reduce the use of thermal power, hydropower aluminum, aluminum regeneration “green aluminum” will usher in an opportunity.

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