How to deal with bad debts in personal credit report?

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The letter says bad debt refers to the amount of money that the user has borrowed that has exceeded the repayment time limit and has not been repaid after repeated urging. According to the credit card, bad debts will have a lot of negative effects on cardholders. For example, if the credit report is submitted to the personal credit investigation report, it will affect other lending behaviors of the user. After the bad debts are paid off, the overdue record will still be retained in the credit investigation for 5 years.

1. When dealing with bad debts, first settle the arrears. After the arrears in the account are settled, contact the bank or institution that pays the debts to issue the settlement certificate.

2. Then apply to deal with the status of bad credit investigation. Generally, customer service will submit an application for modification, which can be confirmed by phone 1-3 working days later, and then print the credit investigation report 15-20 days later to check whether it has been processed.

1, if it is generally bad debt situation, first of all to pay off all debts, and don’t much money, after paying off debt, remember to pin door handle, that the reverse of the credit card (credit card can’t pin after the door, should cover the records) with good records, bad loans do not pin door handle, record is not clear.

2, special cases of bad debts: bad debts caused by the overflow, the treatment method is actually not bad with the general bad debts treatment, the premise is that only need to extract the extra amount, do account closing treatment. Both of these special cases will be actively handled by the bank, because you are not maliciously bad. Have a kind of circumstance is credit card year the bad account that cost brings about, this kind of circumstance pays off arrears, close door next had been good. One thing we should note about bad debts is that no interest is charged on any bad debts. The repayment is only required to pay off the principal owed. For example, if your bad debt amount is 100,000 yuan, then you only need to pay off 100,000 yuan of principal after one year, and the other party can not charge you interest.

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