Hong Kong stocks opened higher, with Nongfu Shanquan’s gain expanding to 9%, the biggest one-day gain in more than six months

Hong Kong stocks all rose in the morning, with the Hang Seng Index up 0.68% to 27530 points, the national index up 0.79% to 9963 points, and the Hang Seng technology index up 1.01% to 7504 points.
On the disk, auto stocks performed strongly, with BYD shares up more than 8%, Geely Auto and BAIC motor up more than 4%;
Catering stocks continued to rebound, with Haidilao trading back above HK $250 billion, and Nongfu Shanquan’s gain expanded to 9%, the biggest one-day gain in more than six months.
All Chinese securities companies rose, while the reserve requirement cut boosted trading sentiment;
Battery stocks, carbon neutral concept stocks, semiconductor stocks, photovoltaic stocks, iron and steel, gold and other non-ferrous metal plates rose, Shanghai Fudan rose more than 7% and continued to record high prices;
Meituan, a large technology stock, rose 2.44%, while Jingdong and Netease both rose;
Sporting goods stocks bucked the trend, with Tebu international and Li Ning down more than 6%.
The net inflow of funds from the South was HK $846 million in half a day, and the turnover in the market was HK $86.8 billion in half a day.
In terms of individual stocks, ZTE rose more than 12% after it announced that its net profit in the first half of the year was expected to grow by 104.6% – 131.5%. Furui reported that its net profit outlook for the second quarter and the first half of the year exceeded expectations, and 5g market share increased, maintaining its buy rating with a target price of HK $32.03.
Fosun Pharmaceutical rose more than 5%, and its subsidiary will sell a total of 10 million doses of new crown vaccine to TSMC and Hon Hai.
The resumption of capital real estate rose by more than 40%. Capital real estate announced that capital group (offeror), the controlling shareholder of 56.7%, proposed to privatize the company through merger and acquisition. Among them, H shares are priced at HK $2.8 in cash per share, 62.79% higher than before the suspension.
GAC group’s Hong Kong shares rose by more than 1%, after the board of directors deliberated and passed the “proposal on GAC e’an and Huawei (ah8 model)” project, and agreed to the implementation of the project between GAC e’an New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, and Huawei (ah8 model).
The Hong Kong Stock Exchange rose by more than 2% and accumulated over 10% in the past five days. Goldman Sachs upgraded the rating of the Hong Kong stock exchange to neutral with a target price of HK $495.
Kwai fell more than 2%, and its share price has been low since it was listed on the stock market. The stock has fallen for 10 consecutive trading days, with a cumulative drop of over 28%.
Hong Kong shares of BYD rose more than 8%, the biggest increase since June 17.
Important news must be read
On Friday, the Dow Jones index rose 448.23 points, or 1.3%, to 34870.16; The S & P 500 index rose 48.73 points, or 1.13%, to 4369.55; The Nasdaq composite index rose 142.13 points, or 0.98%, to 14701.92. The Dow rose 0.24% last week, the NASDAQ rose 0.43% and the S & P 500 rose 0.4%. Hong Kong’s ADR index rose to 27765 points, up 421.03 points, or 1.52%, on a pro rata basis.
The people’s Bank of China decided to reduce the deposit reserve ratio of financial institutions by 0.5 percentage points on July 15, 2021 (excluding financial institutions that have implemented the 5% deposit reserve ratio). After this reduction, the weighted average deposit reserve ratio of financial institutions is 8.9%.
Shunyu optical technology (02382) delivered 85.816 million mobile lens in June, down 13.7% month on month and 27.1% year on year.
Listing date: youquhui holding (02177) and Lingyue service group (02165).
The state Internet Information Office issued a notice on soliciting public opinions on the measures for network security review (Revised Draft)《 According to the measures, operators who have personal information of more than 1 million users must apply to the Network Security Review Office for network security review when they go to the market abroad. Promise not to use the convenience of providing products and services to illegally obtain user data, illegally control and manipulate user equipment, and not interrupt product supply or necessary technical support services without justified reasons. Network security review focuses on the evaluation of procurement activities, data processing activities and the national security risks that may be brought by foreign listing.
GAC group (02238) announced that the board of directors deliberated and passed the proposal on GAC EA and Huawei (ah8 model) project. We agree to the implementation of the project between GAC AIAN New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, and Huawei (ah8 model). According to the strategic cooperation agreement signed by the company and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., the two sides will build a new generation of intelligent vehicle digital platform based on GAC gep3.0 chassis platform and Huawei CCA (Computing and communication architecture), carry Huawei full stack intelligent vehicle solutions, jointly define and develop, and jointly build a series of intelligent vehicles for the future. The project is the first medium and large-scale intelligent pure electric SUV jointly developed by both parties. The total investment of the project is RMB 788 million, and it is planned to mass produce by the end of 2023. The fund source of the project is coordinated by the company.
In June 2021, the sales volume of excavators was 23100 units, with a year-on-year growth rate of – 6.2%, higher than the previous CME forecast of – 17% year-on-year. Since Q3 in 2020, China excavators has surpassed small excavators and become the industry’s highest growth model for four consecutive quarters. In the second half of the year, the issuance of special bonds is expected to accelerate, which is conducive to the commencement of infrastructure projects; Based on the rising prices of raw materials such as steel and the impact of the epidemic on the global supply chain system, construction machinery product agents and main engine plants have announced price increases since the beginning of 2021. Based on the judgment that the domestic market rebounded in the second half of the year and exports continued to be strong, Soochow securities maintained the industry’s annual growth rate of 15%. Looking forward to the next few years, it is expected that the sales growth fluctuation of excavator industry is expected to maintain about ± 10%, the cycle fluctuation will be greatly weakened compared with the last round, and the plate value is expected to be revalued. Related sectors involved include China Longgong (03339), Sany International (00631), Zoomlion (01157), etc.
“Meituan taxi” app came back to the world after two years. Meituan taxi app, which was taken off the shelves in May 2019, will be back online in the mobile app store on July 9, 2021. This new version of “meituan taxi” app adopts a new yellow and black logo. As of press release, meituan taxi has been launched in Huawei’s app market, and the update time is July 9, 2021, but it seems that Apple App store and Xiaomi app store have not been launched yet. In February 2017, meituan launched meituan taxi app. In April 2019, the function of meituan taxi app was incorporated into meituan app. In June 2019, meituan taxi app was taken off shelves in major application markets.

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Capital real estate (02868) is to be absorbed and merged by capital group at a premium of 62.79%. It will resume trading on July 12.
The medium-term net profit of China Nonferrous Mining (01258) is expected to increase by 769%.
Chenming Paper (01812) expects net profit of 2 billion yuan to 2.1 billion yuan in the first half of the year, with a year-on-year growth of 287% – 307%.
Qiu Ti Technology (01478) sold 38.389 million camera modules in June, a year-on-year increase of 20.5%.

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