At the age of 15 years, 30,000 entered the market to earn tens of billions, and the stock idiot will return?

A lot of recent news is about Xu Xiang.

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Five years ago, Xu Xiang was sentenced to imprisonment in Qingdao with a sentence of five years and six months. Now, if you break your fingers and calculate, there will be five months before Xu Xiang is released from prison, that is, until July 2021. This period of August.

Xu Xiang, a former private equity brother, will return to the stock market after he returns to the world to create a storm?

There is no doubt that it will. Because Xu Xiang is a stock idiot, it is said that when his wife Ying Yinglin gave birth to a child, Xu Xiang did not want to give up the day’s trading, and commanded traders to charge into battle in the exchange. After the baby was born, Xu Xiang put the stock market trading experience written down in the baby’s infant and said: “I want to teach you all the stock trading techniques.”

Therefore, Xu Xiang, who can’t even care about his wife’s delivery in the hospital and only focuses on stocks, will certainly not give up his only interest in more than two decades.

So how did Xu Xiang go to the stock market and go to jail again? Also, let’s look at his stock trading experience today, what enlightenment does it have for us?

In 1993, in an ordinary family in the Peacock community in Ningbo, Zhejiang, the 15-year-old saw in the newspaper that stock trading could make money, so Xu Xiang couldn’t wait to persuade his father Xu Boliang and his mother Zheng Suzhen to fund a small amount of capital to make money. stock market.

At this time, Xu Xiang was still a nasty junior high school student. He pestered his parents to talk about it, and his parents only used 30,000 yuan to give him the principal.

Anyone doing big things shows signs at a young age. QQ Music asks family members to buy an astronomical telescope while reading. At that time, the astronomical telescope is the half-year income of an ordinary working family, and Ma Huateng becomes The only person in the class who has seen the stars and Mars.

But Xu Xiang did not become famous in a single battle like Ma Huateng. When Xu Xiang broke into the stock market with 30,000 yuan, he was like a newborn calf who was not afraid of tigers. However, after the first battle was defeated, Xu Xiang immediately lost 30,000 yuan.

Seeing that the money in the account was getting less and less, Xu Xiang was dumbfounded. Through this defeat, Xu Xiang summarized his mistakes, and then asked the family for money, but this time he did not get the money, Xu Xiang was dumbfounded again.

In desperation, Xu Xiang’s cousin lent him one hundred thousand.

The money was borrowed, not given, so Xu Xiang especially cherished the one hundred thousand principal this time. He didn’t dare to invest blindly. Instead, he slowly selected hundreds of stocks and studied technical aspects without eating or drinking. Cast again when you see it.

That is to say, in such careful operation, Xu Xiang’s experience in the stock market has become more and more abundant. Whenever he makes a profit or fails, he takes out a small notebook that he carries with him, writes down some of his thoughts, and then uses some small money to prove it. Your own ideas until they become feasible and long-term profitable methodology.

At this time, Xu Xiang gradually abandoned his studies. Three years later, the 18-year-old Xu Xiang gave up the college entrance examination and chose to become a professional stock investor instead of becoming an extremely scarce college student at the time.

Perhaps, in Xu Xiang’s mind, his life is the stock market, otherwise he would not spend all his time studying the stock market except eating and drinking.

This was the same as the young people who were addicted to the Internet, playing games and chatting with a computer day and night. Some people fell and some people emerged suddenly and achieved a hegemony.

After Xu Xiang dropped out of school, he joined Everbright Securities on Jiefang South Road, Ningbo. In the densely packed compartments, Xu Xiang met some professional investors. Their investment methods are very similar, they are good at short-term and quasi-limit daily.

As a result, Xu Xiang gathered a group of investors with sufficient funds and willing to listen to his orders. Xu Xiang raised a large amount of funds in a short time. At the end of the season, Xu Xiang deliberately speculates on a certain stock and enters the market halfway up the mountain. , Until two or three days after the daily limit is thrown out, a lot of benefits will be obtained from it.

And Xu Xiang has his own exchange on the fourth floor of Jiefang South Road. He hired a group of people to find out about the news. He told Xu Xiang whenever there was news. As for whether Xu Xiang could buy or sell, Xu Xiang’s In short, they believe that Xu Xiang can make hundreds of millions of cash from the stock market in a short period of time.

That is because Xu Xiang’s record in the stock market is particularly eye-catching, attracting the attention of a group of melon-eating audiences. They jokingly call this group of people headed by Xu Xiang “the daily limit daredevil team”, and Xu Xiang is the chief rudder.

Moreover, based on Xu Xiang’s operation techniques and record, the stock investors at the time also gave Xu Xiang this sentence: If the stock market does not follow Jiefangnan, even the gods are in vain.

To put it simply, investors who saw which stock Xu Xiang bought, followed suit and drank spicy food.

But they did not expect that one day Xu Xiang was harvesting green leeks with a sickle, and the leeks were themselves.


Xu Xiang’s operating techniques can be briefly summarized in three words: fast, accurate, and ruthless.

Hurry up: The informants sent by Xu Xiang have been on the front line for a long time. However, if there is a little bit of gossip or major changes, they can always pass it on to Xu Xiang as soon as possible. This is news fast.

Standard: When Xu Xiang got the news, he could accurately judge the impact on the stock market and stock prices from the messy news. This is a good judgment.

Ruthless: When Xu Xiang decides to intervene, he will always buy frantically at the end of the trading session, and then ship frantically after the daily limit to make a fortune. Often Xu Xiang operates once, and the profit from it is less than tens of millions, and as many as hundreds of millions.

Xu Xiang continued to update his arsenal, attacked quickly and ruthlessly, and soon accumulated hundreds of millions of fortunes.

No one would have thought that the boy in front of him was sitting on billions at a young age. At this time, his hands and feet may still be clean, but he has made great successes in the stock market. A small Ningbo can no longer satisfy Xu Xiang’s ambitions and desires. After that, Xu Xiang moved his family to Shanghai and established a private equity firm. Company-Zhexi.

Ningbo and Shanghai are the dividing line of Xu Xiang. In Ningbo, he caught the daily limit, and retail investors followed him to drink soup. In Shanghai, he chose another investment method, cutting leeks frantically.

From this point on, Xu Xiang walked towards the road of destruction step by step.

If Xu Xiang before was chasing hot spots, then Xu Xiang is now making hot spots.

Xu Xiang used a large amount of funds to buy a stock and became the Nth largest shareholder of this company, and proposed “high transfer” on the board of directors. That is to release good news.

When a company releases “high transfer” news, investors will subconsciously think it is good news, because high transfer indicates that the company’s performance will continue to grow, and then a large amount of funds will enter and the stock price will rise.

At the same time, before the news is released, Xu Xiang will direct Ze Xili’s traders to operate more than one hundred accounts to buy at the bottom.

In this way, Xu Xiang’s goal was achieved. When the stock price climbed, Xu Xiang waved his sickle and began to reduce holdings, cashing out crazily, and shipping crazily. Xu Xiang used this technique repeatedly to collect more than 20 billion, which is too small to count.

This is simply a typical case of “one fish, two food”, and it is also the “best example” of operating the stock market, but remember that this is illegal.

Moreover, the biggest victims are those retail investors who have delayed sources of information and lack the ability to make judgments. They have worked so hard to save most of their lives, and they have lost all of their lives.

At the same time, Xu Xiang’s operation techniques have long been spotted. Even if he has always believed in himself, believing that he will not be arrested.


In 2015, Xu Xiang happily went to Ningbo to celebrate his grandmother’s birthday. Unexpectedly, when his grandmother enjoyed the sweetness of four generations in the same house, the biggest birthday “gift” he turned around and sent was: Xu Xiang was arrested and imprisoned.

Following Xu Xiang’s imprisonment, his close comrades-in-arms Wang Wei, Zhu Yong and the chairman of listed companies.

However, in January 2017, the Xu Xiang case was officially opened. Xu Xiang confessed to his mistakes and was sentenced to 5 years and 6 months. The Xu Xiang family’s 21 billion property was seized and a fine of 11 billion yuan. 9.3 billion of illegal proceeds were confiscated.

Xu Xiang’s later modus operandi was very similar to the short selling of large funds. Those short-selling managers borrowed some stocks from securities companies, sold them to make a profit when they were high, and spread rumors to suppress the stock price frantically. If the listed company goes out of the market, it is best. They only need to buy the corresponding number of shares and return it to the securities company.

Xu Xiang bought at a low price, spread rumors and waited for it to rise, cutting a round of leeks frantically, and recreating hot spots to cut the next wave. In short, these are ill-gotten gains.

As the saying goes, people who are not worthy of wealth must lose.

Even though Xu Xiang used more than ten years to create the myth of the stock market, they were all behind the scenes. After uncovering the floating clouds, they were all bloody and dirty realities.

At the same time, as Xu Xiang went to jail, all he left for the family was chicken feathers.

His wife Ying Ying believes that Xu Xiang’s fine should be paid by himself, and family property cannot be used. Because after they arrived in Shanghai, the family gathered five or six billion from regular channels. Therefore, the court should not seize all the property of Xu’s family.

The only thing that can solve this problem is for Xu Xiang to divorce Ying Ying and re-divide the property so that Ying Ying can get her part.

Since the verdict was officially announced in 2017, Ying Ying has done a lot of work for Xu Xiang. Xu Xiang only agreed to divorce in 2019. However, the divorce certificate was cut off by the court on the way: this matter will be discussed again.

After all, this involves the division of billions of assets, and no one can be careless. Moreover, what if Xu Xiang used these assets to make a comeback after he was released from prison to stir up the stock market?

No one can tell. But Ying Ying’s determination to divorce is obvious. She said: Heaven is above, I want to divorce.

Looking back at the private equity brother Xu Xiang’s situation in the stock market: The secret of Xu Xiang’s stock trading is to use the news to create good news. However, while gaining huge profits from it, he stepped into the circle of law with hindsight, and became mad in greed, greedy in madness, until finally he left a piece of chicken feathers, and the hustle and bustle was scattered and only ruined.

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