If you don’t follow the trend, you will invest in the opposite direction.

Reverse investment

Sounds very backbone

Those who drive against the wind can make money that others can’t.

Of course, reverse investment does not happen overnight

Otherwise it is:

How to operate reverse investment?

Today we will take a set

The so-called reverse investment is actually reverse investment, establishing a different trading investment strategy with others, which is what we often say “people forsake me to take, people take me to give”, just like the high-end fixed investment we talked about in the previous issue also contains Strategies of reverse investment.

If you are a reverse investor, you have to sell when others are flooding into the market; when others are far away from the market, you have to enter the market quickly. Just like the ridicule we have often heard before, the best indicator to go to the stock market is the vehicle of the securities business department. When there are few vehicles, it is the time to enter the market. When investors flock in, the smart funds are already gone. Field.

What do you need to pay attention to when you reverse investment?

First of all, there must be an indicator that can withstand the test!

As a basis for reverse investment decisions~

For example, when you buy stocks, you use the number of new accounts as a sentiment indicator, and then let this indicator help you make decisions. When this indicator continues to hit historical highs, it means that the market has experienced a certain degree of overheating.

In addition, reverse investment has to bear greater pressure. Others buy crazy and you have to sell; when the market is bleak, you have to buy crazy.

In addition, reverse investors must be able to tolerate a certain degree of exaggeration, because it is very difficult to find the highest and lowest points in the market. Therefore, investors who adopt reverse investment may need to bear it in the short term, and only when investor sentiment really changes. Usher in greater profits.

How does fund investment use reverse investment?

In terms of fund investment, you can pay attention to several indicators, such as the size of the initial fund. If the scale of the initial fund is too large, it is often a signal that the market is peaking and ready to leave at any time; the second is the enthusiasm of friends around to participate in fund investment. Maybe many friends who don’t pay attention to funds or the stock market all year round have begun to buy funds, which often indicates that the market has entered a bubble time.

To sum up, the strategy of reverse investment is a trading method that we can use in our daily investment, but the premise is that there must be a certain reference system and a certain endurance.

It’s not easy, but it’s not difficult.

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