What are the prospects for the development of taxpayers? Is the issuing agency reliable?

To take a new certificate, the reliability and development prospects of the certificate must be our biggest concern. The reliability of the certificate is inseparable from the trustworthiness of the issuing authority, and the development prospects are closely related to market demand!

So today, Mr. Wang from Youlu Finance and Economics will take you to learn more about the development prospects of the taxpayer and the issuing agency!

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The first is the development prospects:

1. State support: payrollers become a new type of work

On February 25, 2020, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration, and the National Bureau of Statistics jointly issued the “General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the General Office of the General Administration of Market Supervision, General Office of the Bureau of Statistics, and the Office of the Bureau of Statistics on the release of intelligent manufacturing engineering and technical personnel and other occupations “Information Notice” (Renshe Department Fa [2020] No. 17), the notice clearly added the “salary tax division” job category under the occupation of “corporate human resource manager (4-07-03-04)”.

2. Market-led: the implementation of the new tax law, payrollers encounter new opportunities

In 2018, the new personal tax reform, the “Golden Tax Phase III” will be intensified, and the tax audit of personal income tax will be more precise and standardized based on the “Golden Tax Phase III”. This will put forward higher requirements for corporate strategy, human resource strategy, human capital reconstruction, and salary structure innovation.

On January 1, 2019, the new “Personal Income Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China” was formally implemented, and social insurance premiums and non-tax income transferred in advance will also be gradually collected by tax authorities at all levels. The original work related to human resources and finance is gradually changing. This brings new opportunities to the development of human resources services, accounting, auditing and tax services. At the same time, the new policies put forward higher requirements for the salary management of enterprises and institutions.

Obviously, compound taxpayer talents can better help companies to operate in compliance, reduce costs, and improve human capital.

3. High demand and scarcity of talents

The emergence of new types of taxpayer jobs is relatively short, but the market has a large demand and gap for such professional and comprehensive compound talents.

The domestic demand and gap for professional and comprehensive compound talents in the direction of “payroll and taxation” are very large. So far, the number of people registered to participate in the training and examination is 6,300, and the holders are about 5,000. Compared with the demand of 4.5 million people in the national market, this figure still has a big gap. (Data comes from the Finance and Taxation Branch of the China Business Accounting Association)

Payroll accounting is the future development trend, and it is also an important shortcut for human resources and tax practitioners to develop into compound talents, and it is also a shortcut for the two to develop into management talents.

Issuing agency:

China Business Accounting Association

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The authority of the society-a national first-level society approved by the Ministry of Finance

The first-level national societies approved by the Ministry of Finance accept the professional guidance, supervision and management of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the professional supervisory unit of the State Council. The society takes it as its own responsibility to train the country’s shortage of finance and tax professionals, to study new situations and new problems faced by commercial finance and accounting work, to explore the development of finance and accounting theory and ways to solve practical problems, and is determined to contribute to the construction of the national finance and accounting system.

Learn professionalism-a base for training talents in the field of finance and accounting

Since its establishment in 1987, the society has provided tens of thousands of professionals for China’s finance, auditing, taxation, etc., and has received unanimous praise from the society and the majority of enterprises. The professional training system and high-standard examination requirements have fully guaranteed the certificate recognition of the Institute of Business Accounting.

Certificate validity-certificate holders are highly recognized by the enterprise

The taxpayer certificate issued by the China Business Accounting Association proves the ability and knowledge level of certified talents in terms of certificate value, social value and personal ability. It is well received by domestic and foreign companies in terms of job hunting, work, promotion, and studying abroad. , Recognized and praised by enterprises and institutions.

Issuing agency:

China National Personnel Training Network

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China National Personnel Training Network is an online training and education professional organization sponsored by the Personnel Service Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Institutions (formerly the China Senior Civil Servants Training Center). Its service targets are mainly civil servants, professional and technical personnel, enterprise and institution managers, and personnel in the human and social system.


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