One sentence of financial hotspot comments

Brother Liu decided to start this new column today.

Under this column, I will use one sentence from time to time to briefly and concisely comment on the latest financial hotspots, or make complaints.

If you like or dislike it, you are welcome to comment on meaning and suggestions after liking and forwarding.

Today’s first issue is to comment on the announcement content of Han’s Laser tonight:

Advertising super primordial spirit, super many equipment, super recovery, unlimited Boss

How many yuan does one gram of cordyceps cost? Don’t be fooled by the merchants, the origin is only at this price
Brother material comment:

Recently, there have been more and more “shadow” intrigues and mutual tearing incidents of listed companies manipulating stock prices through “market value management”. Many investors do not understand what a listed company is “cooperating with market makers”.

Issuing this kind of “voluntary information disclosure” at a critical time to affect stock price behavior is one of the common methods!

Investment is risky, trading needs to be cautious!

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