623 takeaway brother dropped out of China Agricultural University: knowledge is important after work

“Have you heard? There’s a takeout boy who scored 623 in the college entrance examination this year. That’s amazing These two days, this year’s college entrance examination has been released, Hubei Xiangyang a takeout brother fire. At the same time, he didn’t stop and was still busy on the way to deliver the takeout.
On June 27, the reporter contacted Wang Wei, his name is Wang Wei. This is his second time to take the college entrance examination. He studied in China Agricultural University and worked in several jobs after dropping out. “I feel like I still want to have a good degree, and I will have more choices in my life.” He said that before the start of school in September, takeout will be delivered all the time.
It didn’t go well after entering the University for the first time
Chinese 114, mathematics 118, English 129, history 81, chemistry 91, biology 90, total 623.

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