After meituan’s new deal, does the delivery boy earn more than ten thousand a month?

After meituan's new deal, does the delivery boy earn more than ten thousand a month?

In the past two years, the takeout industry has its own “Koi” physique, and it has to be searched from time to time. In the early morning of June 19, a cyclist surnamed Yang of meituan crowdsourcing app got angry. He ranked first in the total number of daily lists with 253 records, and the second in the list was only 37. The amount of orders that can’t be completed makes him the focus. Then, a message from the rider surnamed Yang came out on the Internet. After receiving the order, he ordered the food directly, suspected of deliberately resisting the platform. For the incident, meituan customer service responded that it was under verification.
At present, the truth of this matter is still controversial. But there is no denying that takeout has become a way of life for our generation. Looking across the country, more than 400 million people order takeout, and 10 million takeout boys, with countless merchants, agents, and transportation contractors behind them, “takeout industry chain” has become an industrial cluster that can not be ignored. In the past decade, the 10 million young and middle-aged workers have made a huge choice by voting with their feet, refusing to enter the factory and choosing to deliver delivery. While meeting the needs of 400 million people, various topics such as population structure and blue collar employment have surfaced. The industry has been pushed to the spotlight, the control of the platform algorithm over the salesmen, and the “snatch” of the manufacturing labor force have aroused the attention of all parties.
According to media reports, from May 1, 2021, meituan began to implement the new take out commission policy, adjusting the Commission sharing mechanism for merchants. This action has aroused strong concern. How can meituan, a merchant and a takeout industry get involved? What’s the real income of the takeout boy? How can he get a higher income by delivering takeout? What’s going on in the secret corner of this group? And how will these affect our lives?
Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui loop line’s take away younger brother group, has become a valuable small section to peep at this huge ecology. Shanghai is located in East China, which accounts for more than one third of meituan’s takeout orders (2019). Lujiazui, Pudong, has the dual attributes of the most populous new area and the most elite white-collar elite disaster area, which makes the takeout business here extremely prosperous.
Focusing on these industrial topics, in addition to investigating Lujiazui takeaway, we also visited a number of meituan regional agents, riders outsourcers, human resource recruiters, two wheeler companies, fund companies and other relevant parties in Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities, trying to restore a part of a giant puzzle and a valuable local real increment.
Joy: “earn at least one w a month”
“Two hours 300, a day earn 700-1000, one at least a w (10000 yuan)”, takeout Li Kang (pseudonym) as skilled as the name of the dish to tell his income. In the end, I don’t forget to complain that I took a day off yesterday and almost earned 800 less.
Li Kang’s income (right) compared with other ordinary takeaway, photo source: outside the Fifth Ring Road
Li Kang, a 26 year old from Hubei Province, is a meituan delivery clerk with four or five years of service. On his chest is the most popular e-cigarette brand “Yueke”. From head to toe, his clothes are Chinese Li Ning, his shoes are Nike, and his mobile phone is oppo. Except for the scorched monkey like non mainstream red hair on the head, the rest are not much different from ordinary white-collar workers in office buildings.
It’s 500-1000 yuan a day, which means that Li Kang’s monthly income is about 10000-20000 yuan. But unexpectedly, Li Kang’s number of running orders is not high. He only ran less than 60 orders in the past half of May. “I don’t really want to do it this month. I’m sure there’s no problem with 7000 or 8000. Let’s see if I can reach 10000.”
Shanghai meituan crowdsourcing riders ranking in mid May
On May 19, 2021, the National Bureau of statistics released the average wage in 2020. The data shows that the average annual wage of employees in urban private units is 57727 yuan. In 2018, Lu xuanru’s team of East China Normal University once conducted a survey, and the average monthly disposable income of Shanghai take away riders was 6271 yuan. And 6000 yuan is the median salary of Shanghai workers, which means that Li Kang’s income has killed 50% of Shanghai workers.
Li Kang’s income is not an extreme case. A partner of meituan told wuhuanoutside (wechat: wuhuanoutside) that in the salary system of meituan Shanghai riders, 7000-8000 is the average income, which can reach about 10% of 10000, and 20000-30000 is really less.
“One of the best riders I’ve ever seen in Shanghai can run more than 100 races a day and get 40000 or 50000 in a month.”
A screenshot of an unnamed takeaway’s income
But from the experience of outsiders, delivery doesn’t make money. Two days ago, Li Kang, deputy director of Beijing human resources and Social Security Bureau, experienced that he earned 40 yuan a day for delivering takeout. When he boarded the hot search, he laughed, “he can’t run. He runs like that, and he still can’t earn money for a few more months.”
One day in May 2021, with the help of Li Kang, I delivered a takeout. From 10 a.m. to 12 a.m., I completed two orders. The running fee was about 20, a traffic violation fine was 50, and the income was – 30. Obviously, I didn’t master the takeout rules.
Li Kang, the “ten thousand yuan household”, recounts his daily delivery: if it’s not cloudy and rainy, Li Kang will get up at about 10 o’clock every day, catch up with the dining peak at about 11 o’clock at noon, start brushing his mobile phone, and start grabbing orders in the background. If there are big orders, he will do them, but if there are no, he will wait.
The key here is to grab the order. It’s a technical job. An old hand like Li Kang can basically guess whether the order is worth grabbing from the origin to the destination with a glance.
Meituan crowdsourcing app backstage order grabbing page
These takeaway salesmen gradually formed their own “big order” principle
1) Only for orders with a unit price of more than 50 yuan,
2) Priority to cross the river single, cross the river at least 100, Yangpu 100, Huangpu 200 (more traffic police)
3) Give priority to rainy and snowy weather
The above three principles all point to one core common feature: high distribution fee.
Meituan takeaway’s income mainly consists of several aspects: distance and time price increase, distribution fee and weather reward.
Each index has a different price increase gradient. According to meituan’s recent take away Commission adjustment policy released in May, the outside world has commented that the rider’s preference for this new policy is increasing. However, many of the crowdsourcing takeout salesmen we interviewed commented that the unit price of takeout is getting lower and lower, and it’s not easy to grab a large order.
For hungry, they admitted that the delivery fee was lower. Li Kang registered for Hummingbird delivery and gave up several times.

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