Ningde times shares are singing all the way, and the chairman’s value ranks among the top 30 on the Forbes rich list

Ningde times shares are singing all the way, and the chairman's value ranks among the top 30 on the Forbes rich list

On May 31 this year, the market value of Ningde times exceeded 1 trillion yuan for the first time. Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley lowered the target price of Ningde era to 251 yuan, about 60% of the share price at that time. But in the next month, Ningde time’s share price rose by about 20%.
Since last year, the stock price of Ningde times has soared. At present, its market value is more than four times that of the beginning of 2020, and it has become the seventh company in the market value of a shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen.
The success of Ningde era is no accident.
At present, the three major businesses of Ningde era are power battery system, energy storage system and lithium battery materials. Among them, the power battery system is the main source of income in Ningde era.
As the most critical component of new energy vehicles, power battery is equivalent to the “heart” of electric vehicle industry. It accounts for one third of the total vehicle cost. The cost, mileage, safety and charging efficiency of a new energy vehicle are closely related to the battery quality.
Therefore, Ningde era, which is above the tuyere of new energy vehicles, is undoubtedly on the best track, and it can be predicted that in the short term, this kind of dividend will last for a long time.
In addition, the rise of Ningde era is inseparable from the boost of BMW Group.
In 2012, when preparing for the first high-end pure electric vehicle “zhinuo 1E”, BMW Brilliance finally decided to abandon BYD and choose to cooperate with Ningde times, which has been established for only one year. Compared with BYD’s closed operation mode of self production and self use, Ningde era adopts completely different development ideas, such as actively opening up supply, and taking into account both lithium iron phosphate and lithium ternary battery.
The open attitude has brought many opportunities for the Ningde era. Ningde times and BMW Group jointly developed the power battery system of “zhinuo 1E”, which is manufactured by Ningde times. Since then, Ningde times has become the only battery supplier of BMW Group in Greater China.
With the cooperation with BMW, Ningde times quickly opened up the power battery market and became the first power battery enterprise in China to successfully enter the supplier system of international automobile enterprises.
At present, as the power battery supplier with the highest market share in the world, Ningde times has the widest customer base in the industry. It is not only the core supplier of Tesla, Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda and Hyundai, but also the supporting power battery products for SAIC Group, FAW, Geely, Yutong Bus, BAIC, NiO. N and Xiaopeng in the domestic market.
The huge customer network has brought huge profits for Ningde era.
The data shows that from 2018 to 2020, the operating revenue of Ningde times will be 29.61 billion yuan, 45.79 billion yuan and 50.32 billion yuan respectively, and the net profit will reach 3.387 billion yuan, 4.560 billion yuan and 5.583 billion yuan respectively, showing a rising trend year by year. In the first quarter of this year, Ningde times achieved an operating revenue of 19.17 billion yuan and a net profit of 1.952 billion yuan, both of which increased by more than 100%.
In addition, from the perspective of stock price, the stock price of Ningde times has been rising all the way since it was listed in 2018. Especially last year, because of the sharp rise in the market demand for new energy vehicles, the stock price has increased by more than 16 times compared with that when it was listed, which is worthy of the name of Baima stock.
As of 11:30 this morning, the real-time list of Forbes rich list shows that Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde times, is worth 44.7 billion US dollars (about 288.8 billion yuan), ranking 30th in the world. This is his first time in the top 30.
According to the official website of Forbes, the data of the list is updated every five minutes according to changes in the stock market.
Zeng Yuqun’s wealth comes from his shareholding in Ningde times. He indirectly holds 24.53% of the shares of the company, which is the largest shareholder of Ningde times. In the first ten days of June this year, Zeng Yuqun’s shares were released from the restriction on sales.
At the same time, the lifting of the ban also included the shares of Ningde times held by Huang Shilin and Li Ping, the second and fifth largest shareholders of the company respectively, holding a total of about 16% of the shares of Ningde times. Both Li Ping and Zeng Yuqun were the actual controllers in Ningde era.

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