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Day jobs are the same,
The night of migrant workers is wonderful.
Whether it’s addicted to mobile games,
I still lost my hair,
There’s always a way,
Sleep away from home.
For many migrant workers, the quality of sleep in the classroom when they were young has become an irrecoverable memory. A “China sleep index report” shows that the average sleep time of Chinese people in 2020 is only 6.69 hours, which is 2 hours less than that in 2013. Among them, the average sleep time of take away riders, couriers, medical staff and we media practitioners is only 3-6 hours, and it is more common to fall asleep in the early morning.
I’ll sleep with you
May also be experiencing insomnia
Many people think that insomnia is only when they can’t sleep. In fact, even if a person can sleep smoothly, there may be insomnia. There are four main types of insomnia
Difficulty in falling asleep is mainly manifested in the fact that when it is time to go to bed, although they are eager to fall asleep, they are still unable to fall asleep for more than 30 minutes.
Persistent sleep difficulty is characterized by repeated awakening during sleep, long awakening time, and some people even have difficulty falling asleep again.
Wake up earlier than expected, and the total sleep time decreased significantly.
Sleep quality is poor, performance can not restore energy after waking up, feeling tired.
Long term insomnia can lead to many health problems, including endocrine dysfunction, diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, menstrual disorders and so on. Decreased immune function, infectious diseases, tumors and so on. The cognitive function decreased, the ability of work and study decreased, and the memory was poor; It causes cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, digestive system diseases, depression, anxiety and so on.
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Sleep of migrant workers
Who stole it
Workers who are surrounded by the Internet, mobile phones and work 24 hours a day are hard to separate work from life, and sleep has been “stolen” unconsciously.
“Thief 1”: bad mood.
Every thing that can’t be put down and the heart that hasn’t been finished will turn into anxiety in the late night and linger in my mind.
Emotional, mental and psychological factors have a great influence on sleep. The excessive work pressure of migrant workers will lead to tension, anxiety, depression and other negative emotions, which are easy to fall asleep, easy to wake up in sleep and other problems.
Thief 2: irregular sleep time.
Years of quiet good, just because someone in the middle of the night for everyone to carry forward.
Due to the nature of the work, some workers need to work in shifts, such as medical staff, people’s police, long-distance drivers and so on. They often turn day and night upside down, unable to maintain a normal biological clock, resulting in biological rhythm disorders, thereby affecting sleep.
Thief 3: stay up late.
How bold the oath of going to bed early is, how loud the voice of slapping face is.
Insomnia is that we have the desire and condition to sleep, but we can’t sleep. There is also such a phenomenon in modern life: don’t sleep when it’s time to sleep. There is a time to sleep, there are conditions for sleep, but subjectively do not want to sleep, this is called sleep deprivation. Whether it’s working overtime, playing mobile phones, playing games, or “brushing dramas”, young people can find countless reasons to stay up late. However, stay up late for a while, sleep is not good. Sleep time is too late, the next day to get up to work normally, sleep time is bound to reduce. In the long run, a series of problems caused by insufficient sleep will follow.
It should be pointed out that people who often stay up late and have irregular sleep time are often potential people with sleep disorders, and they are at greater risk of suffering from sleep disorders in the future.
Your sleep KPI
Are you up to standard
Day and night fierce liver KPI workers, how to know whether their sleep KPI is up to standard?
In order to make a more accurate judgment of sleep, we need to go to the hospital to monitor the night sleep through professional sleep monitoring instruments. Filling in the sleep scale can also help you judge your sleep. However, these methods are more complex. Here, I would like to introduce a relatively simple self-test method, just observe three points.
The best time to sleep every day is around 10 p.m., and it can’t exceed 11 p.m. at the latest. If you often go to bed after 12 o’clock, your sleep quality must not be good.
Sleep duration adult sleep time generally needs 7-8 hours. If the sleep time is too short, 3-4 hours a day, or too long, sleep 10 hours a day is still sleepy, it means that there is a problem in sleep, need to go to the hospital for professional examination and treatment.
Feeling after waking up if you go to bed early and sleep long enough, but you always feel sleepy, listless, headache and memory loss when you wake up, you also need to seek the help of a professional sleep doctor.
Sleep self help guide
You deserve it
For mild sleep problems, we can adjust lifestyle, improve sleep environment and other methods to solve.
Ensure regular work and rest, and go to sleep at 10-11 p.m. Many people like to watch their mobile phones before going to bed. The blue light from the mobile phone screen will inhibit the brain from secreting melatonin, which can induce and maintain sleep. Therefore, it is recommended not to bring the mobile phone into the bedroom before going to bed, so as not to affect sleep.
Reduce mood swings, relax and avoid thinking unpleasant things before going to bed. At the end of a day’s work, in the period from off work to before going to bed, set a psychological “buffer zone” for yourself to put down the thinking about work and relax yourself.
During the day can be appropriate physical exercise. Consume a certain amount of physical strength, help to sleep at night.
Create a comfortable sleeping environment to avoid the interference of sound and light. Increase the comfort of bedding, but also help to improve the quality of sleep.
If sleep problems cannot be alleviated or worsen, they need to go to the hospital for treatment.
Need to remind is, when sleep problems do not take sleeping pills, must take medicine according to the doctor’s advice. Some people take melatonin and other health products by themselves. Improper use of melatonin will affect the secretion of human sex hormones and immune function. In addition, the time of producing effective concentration of exogenous melatonin may not exactly match with people’s work and rest time, so there will be some differences between the effect of sleep aid and melatonin secreted by human body. Therefore, it is suggested that melatonin and other health products should be carefully selected.
Interviewee: Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University
Guo Xiaoheng, director of respiratory sleep center
By Liang Jing
Review of national health science experts database
Wang Bei, director of Department of sleep medicine, Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University
Cartoon drawing Yu Peikai
Planning Tan Jia Yu Yunxi
Editor Liang Jing Yu Yunxi

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