Nike, Adisseo trembling

Recently, Putian City released the “Putian Shoes” collective trademark cultivation plan, and initially determined the logo and name of the “Putian Shoes” collective trademark. The Tianyan check showed that the Putian City Footwear Association had submitted 4 trademark applications for clothing, footwear, and hats, including “Putian Shoes” and “PUTIAN SHOES” in early June.

Nike, Adisseo trembling
“Putian Shoes” collective trademark LOGO
The three words “Putian shoes” are quite controversial. In the 1980s, because of the development of international big-name foundry industries such as Nike, Adidas and Converse, Putian gave birth to a rampant counterfeit manufacturing and sales industrial chain. “Putian shoes” has also become synonymous with fake shoes to a certain extent. But the paradox is that it is precisely because of the rich experience in foundry that the shoes produced in Putian are of good quality and low prices, which are called “the light of domestic products” by many netizens.

Footwear manufacturing is the pillar industry of Putian City, and the more popular fake shoe network is just a microcosm of this huge shoe empire. At present, Putian City has more than 4,200 shoe companies, 500,000 employees, and an output value of over 100 billion, with an annual output of 1.3 billion pairs of shoes, accounting for nearly one-tenth of the national output.

Regarding the news of the registration of the collective trademark of “Putian Shoes”, some Weibo netizens said that under the background of the national tide, domestic brands such as Li Ning and Anta are developing strongly, and “Putian Shoes” should not lag behind. Many netizens were very excited and sighed with emotion: “Putian shoes are finally getting their name correct”, “Shoes with trademarks are considered national shoes”, “Hurry up and get on the national trend car and rush.”

“Putian shoes” started from B-end products

“This brand is pretty good-looking, what kind of shoes do you sell?” As a shoe fancier, this is Deng Wen’s most concerned issue after seeing the freshly released logo of Putian shoes. He believes that Putian shoes can indeed surpass some in terms of quality and quality control. International big names, but the market positioning of the brand is also very important.

The “Putian shoes” trademark is not owned by a certain enterprise. Collective trademarks refer to goods or service trademarks used by members of industrial and commercial groups, associations or other collective organizations to indicate that the operators of goods or service providers belong to the same organization. Collective trademarks are jointly used by members of the organization, and members who are not members of the organization cannot use and transfer.

Therefore, collective trademarks are a symbol of the branding of local industrial clusters. For companies using collective trademarks, “Putian shoes” is more like an endorsement and label. Similar collective trademarks in my country include Shaxian snacks, Shaoxing rice wine, etc. .

The first to use the collective trademark “Putian Shoes” was the 240,000 pairs of “construction safety shoes” purchased by China State Construction Group, China Railway Group, etc., and the 6 companies responsible for the production obtained the qualification to use the collective trademark “Putian Shoes”.

In other words, the current “Putian Shoes” trademark products are mainly based on the B-end channel, not for the mass market. Wang Dechun, secretary general of the Putian Footwear Association, told Times Finance that although B-end products have lower profits, it is the market rule to use low prices to hit the market. This is also a good start for the “Putian Shoes” brand.

Wang Dechun said that “Putian shoes” will not stay in a certain category or channel. The brand promotion process will involve high-, mid-, and low-end products, as well as sports shoes, work shoes, fashion shoes and other categories. He emphasized: “As long as there is a demand, we can do everything.”

“Assemble everyone’s power” is one of Wang Dechun’s words most frequently said in response to Times Finance’s inquiries, but when referring to more specific project plans and goals such as the production and brand promotion of products under the “Putian Shoes” trademark, Wang Dechun said: ” It’s just starting now, it’s like playing chess, you have to go one step at a time.”

The “self-help” of the traditional shoe industry

The birth of the collective trademark “Putian Shoes” is inextricably linked with the status quo of the shoe industry in Putian.

“Many traditional old-brand shoe factories have closed down due to poor efficiency, and the foreign trade companies that they are connecting with cannot receive orders.” Zhu Guanyu (pseudonym) is a middle-level shoe factory in Putian with a production capacity of about 30 million, although his factory has small orders every year. Growth, but he can still feel the powerlessness of Putian’s traditional shoe companies.

Zhu Guanyu recalled that 10 years ago, the supply of foreign trade orders for footwear in Putian was in short supply, and the net profit of a pair of shoes in the factory was up to 5 yuan; now the cost of labor and other costs continue to rise, and the profit of a pair of foreign trade shoes will not exceed 2 yuan. He said that in recent years, the production capacity of many international brands has shifted to Southeast Asia and other places, with fewer orders and fewer profits.

The difficulty of recruitment also makes Putian shoe companies helpless. “Especially general workers. The previous salary of stitch workers was 5,000 yuan. At present, 7,000 yuan. They work 11 hours a day. There are basically no workers under the age of 30 in the factory.” Zhu Guanyu emphasized that the current shoe factory is far from reaching the level of machine capacity. Instead, he worried that no one would make shoes in Putian after these people retire.

“Small businesses either go bankrupt or take the risk to make higher-profit fakes, because the profits of fakes are dozens of times the cost.” But he believes that this is not a virtuous circle.

Zhu Guanyu told Times Finance that many shoe companies in Putian have also tried to establish their own brands and expand e-commerce channels. However, due to the late start, difficulty in incubation, and high investment, the current self-owned brands of various shoe factories still have little effect. “But Putian will definitely not be willing to be stuck in the public opinion of making high-quality A goods for a long time.” He said that it is imperative to brand Putian shoes.

In Zhu Guanyu’s view, Putian has accumulated a large number of experienced developers because of the OEM for international brands all the year round. This makes it easier to develop complex and high-tech shoes, and the perfect shoe-making system also ensures the quality. It is the real advantage of Putian shoes. “It’s just that the popularity is not enough. Putian shoes are only one brand less famous. Once they are launched, they will have the opportunity to become the light of domestic products.”

Can Putian run out of the dark horse of domestic products?

“Putian shoes” obviously have the determination to go out of the circle, but will consumers pay for it?

Wang Rou (pseudonym) told Times Finance that she had bought a pair of Converse from Putian two years ago. The price of 155 yuan was one-third of the original price. “The wiring is neat and comfortable. There is no glue on both sides of the shoes. “Wang Rou has a good impression of Putian shoes. In March this year, she placed an order for another pair.

Although Wang Rou recognized the strength of “Made in Putian”, she told Times Finance that she would not pay for the “Putian Shoes” trademark for the time being. “It mainly depends on the design and comfort of the shoes. Good-looking shoes, moderate prices, I will try them.”

In addition to Wang Rou, many consumers also told Times Finance that the purchase decision of products using the “Putian Shoes” trademark will mainly depend on the two major factors of design innovation and price. Deng Wen, a shoe enthusiast, said: “If this trademark Behind it is to imitate the big-name design, without branding, marketing and promotion, this trademark is of little significance.”

Wang Dechun, secretary-general of the Putian Footwear Association, told Times Finance and Economics that at present, there is no corresponding enabling action for the product design and research and development of enterprises using the “Putian Shoes” trademark.

But it is worth noting that “Putian Shoes” puts the brand operation forward to an important position. Before the release of the collective trademark, Putian City established the Putian Industrial Innovation Fund. It plans to raise 3 billion yuan in installments and in batches. Putian State Investment Group and several shoe companies will jointly establish Putian Shoes Brand Operation Service Co., Ltd.

“We let professional people do professional things.” Wang Dechun told Times Finance that the brand positioning, creation and promotion of Putian shoes must be handed over to the new company, and the recruitment of relevant professionals has begun.

Wang Yao, director of Guangzhou Metaphysical Brand Management Company, believes that if “Putian shoes” want to change the stereotype in consumers’ minds, they must turn disadvantages into advantages.

After the “Xinjiang Cotton Incident” broke out in March this year, a pair of “Putian shoes” adopted the Nike brand’s very classic Air Force 1 shoe model, but these shoes were printed with the original text of Nike’s original statement on boycotting Xinjiang cotton, the shoe box. Printed FAKE SHOES FOR FAKE NEWS (fake shoes to fight back fake news).

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This incident left a deep impression on Wang Yao. She believes that “Putian Shoes” should work hard on product design. As for the brand tonality, she said: “Let consumers who agree, and consumers who disagree can go away. The price range of Putian shoes is suitable for the brand’s attitude, and this self-deprecating and viral marketing technique can be used for reference.”

Wang Yao believes that international brands such as Nike and Adidas have suffered damage after the Xinjiang Cotton Incident, and domestic brands are more popular among young people. This is an excellent opportunity for “Putian Shoes” to rectify their name. Data shows that during the 618 event this year, domestic brands grew rapidly, and sales during Anta Tmall 618 increased by more than 50% year-on-year. According to a Morningstar report, in April, Adidas and Nike’s Tmall flagship store sales fell by 78% and 59%, respectively, compared with the same period last year.

“How the brand goes is based on the background of the big era. Now domestic brands are highly recognized, and Shaxian snacks are no longer low-end. Cao County has become a ‘universal center’, and Putian shoes can also be used.” Wang Yao said.

Chen Lin (pseudonym), who occasionally sends out a few pairs of “big-brand shoes” at the Putian stall in the circle of friends, has a stable monthly sales of about 10 pairs. He was very happy to learn that “Putian Shoes” applied for a collective trademark. At the same time, he also hoped that consumers would give “Putian Shoes” some time. Own technology and own brand will take time.”

Chen Lin also told Times Finance that if the channel is stable and the price is right, his circle of friends may no longer have these “big-name shoes”, but real “Putian shoes”.

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