The highest house price in county-level cities is 30,000 yuan

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The highest house price in county-level cities is 30,000 yuan

Behind the house are people, cities, and the world we live in. We record the stories of people and houses. On the one hand, it tries to help young people understand the real estate and the operation of the city to make more rational home purchase decisions; on the other hand, through the perspective of “house”, to understand the society and explore the relationship between people and the environment.

In this issue, we focus on those “noble” county houses. The same is the county town, some housing prices are as low as Hegang, while others can approach the new first-tier cities. What can counties that cannot keep local young people rely on to prop up housing prices?

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In April of this year, the Putian girl Yaming accompanied her girlfriends on inspections in her hometown: a new building in the central area of ​​a town in the local county, the best floor price in the middle reached 12,000, and the other floors cost about 10,000 yuan. And because the supply is in short supply, it is necessary to shake the number before being eligible to buy a house.

Yaming replied the price to a post from Douban Group called “Want to know the housing price of your 18th-tier small county”. Netizens responded enthusiastically:

“Zhejiang, in the past few months, it has soared to 15,000, but I estimate that it will fall back to about 12,000 in two years, stable for a period of time, and then slowly increase. After all, it will be hundreds of thousands.”

“An eighteenth-tier county town in Sichuan…the high one is 11,12, but the average price is also around 8,000.”

“Now the average price is 15,000 yuan per square meter, and the county seat is 20,000 and 30,000 yuan per square meter.”

Not long ago, a report about more than 100 counties (county-level cities) in the country with housing prices exceeding 10,000 yuan shocked the entire network. House prices in many counties are far higher than some provincial capitals: Harbin and Changchun in the northeast have average housing prices just over 10,000 yuan. In the northwest and southwest, Yinchuan and Guiyang are hovering between eight and nine thousand.

Among the 20 counties with the highest housing prices, Zhejiang is listed as 13 cities, Hainan and Jiangsu each have 3 seats, and Hebei has one. Lingshui County, Hainan took the top spot, topping the list with an average price of 34,000.

Nowadays, the houses in these county towns also make people feel “unmountable.”

▲Top 20 of the county house price rankings. Figure / Network
Why is it so expensive?

After the topic of housing prices over 30,000 in Lingshui County became popular, the Weibo of some local media in Hainan was crowded with comments from locals, “The average salary per capita is three to four thousand, but the house price is over 10,000!”

The three Hainan county towns in the top 20 are all close to Sanya, Lingshui is the nearest, and the main one is Sanya’s same seascape. Together with Lingshui, Wanning and Ledong also serve as the extended coastline of Sanya, with average house prices reaching 23,000 and 17,000 respectively. However, in Hainan, the counties with high housing prices are not just around Sanya.

The post-90s Li nationality girl Huihui’s hometown is Changjiang County in western Hainan. According to the “Fang Tianxia” data, the average house price in Changjiang has not been lower than 12,000 yuan since July last year.

Huihui’s parents’ house is in the city center of Changjiang, and the price of second-hand houses ranges from 8,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan. Five or six years ago, the parents who lived in the unit without property rights bought this house with the rise of local commercial houses. At that time, the house price was about 4 to 5 thousand square meters, which was still affordable. As the whole of Hainan began to develop tourism, “Shanhaili Township” became the local propaganda positioning, and housing prices quickly doubled. Among the 300 households in the community, there are about 50 “migratory bird families” who come to spend the winter regularly every year.

Huihui is engaged in HR work in a large company in Haikou, and her income is much higher than the local average, but buying a house is still a problem that she doesn’t even bother to think about. Whether it is Haikou or her hometown of Changjiang, she can’t afford it.

Like many local young people in Hainan, she usually works in Haikou. It costs about 800 yuan to rent a single room in a non-city center area. It takes about 2 hours to drive back to her parents’ house on weekends. Live with parents. Of course the young people around want their own space, but it’s useless to think about it!”

“Young people here in Hainan get married, and the wedding room is not a necessity.” This is the conclusion that Hong Tao has observed in Sanya for more than ten years. He came to Hainan because of his parents’ work transfer when he was in middle school and became a new Sanya native.

Hong Tao, majoring in sociology, has been observing and pondering Hainan’s people and culture. “Working in Haikou is the goal of Hainan’s young people, and Sanya is the Sanya of out-of-towners.” And he analyzed that the reason why housing prices are so high in the counties and cities surrounding Sanya is “because outsiders like to live on the seaside, and there are so many places on the seaside”, the supply is limited, but people yearning for sea view houses in Hainan are constantly influx. The coastal housing prices have soared.

▲A sales office in Haikou. Picture / Visual China
“This has nothing to do with the locals. First, they can’t afford it. Second, the locals don’t like the seaside. In the history of Hainan, the richer people live closer to the center. The seaside means that when a typhoon comes, you are more likely to live. Everything is gone,” he said.

Hainan’s GDP in 2020 is 553.2 billion yuan, ranking 28 in the country, which is in sharp contrast with the high local housing prices.

If there is a natural barrier between the high housing prices in Hainan and the locals, the housing prices in the county towns of Zhejiang have risen with the prosperity of the locals.

In the eyes of outsiders, Zhejiang’s “hiding wealth in the people” sounds a bit illusory at first, but in the eyes of Lin Sen, a post-95 generation from Jinhua, these are well-documented details of life: elementary and middle school classmates are opening factories in their homes. In business, the goods cover clothing, playing cards, wooden doors, etc. Every household will set up a shop in the town. When I was young, the daily chat was “The family business was cheated by 500,000″…

Lin Sen’s family is in leather business. For the policy and convenience of opening a factory and doing business, his parents took him to live in several different counties and cities since he was a child. This gave him a deep and detached observation of the industries in his hometown: “Every place is in my mind. There is a naturally related industry.”

For example, when it comes to Yongkang, Lin Sen immediately thinks that there are “manufacturing enterprises” and the image of the “hardware capital” vigorously established by the government. Dongyang automatically matches the film and television and mahogany industries, while Wuyi is tourism and tea. The governments of various places in Zhejiang will deliberately concentrate their industries to form an industrial cluster of “one town, one product”. The Lin Sen family’s business once moved from Yiwu is related to these clusters, because their own leather factory was not an industry promoted by the local area at the time. Yiwu’s factory buildings and labor have increased, so Lin Sen’s parents are always looking for more conducive costs. Control scheme.

The title of “World Small Commodity Capital” was launched by the Yiwu government. Yiwu’s economic development has driven the rise of housing prices, especially the rise of live e-commerce in the past two years. Those who come to the “Live Village” from other places looking for opportunities need to rent a house. Those who make money will have the need to buy a house. For shops near Yiwu International Trade City, the maximum annual rent for dozens of square meters of space can reach 500,000, and the daily rent can reach as high as RMB 500,000 per day. More than 70 yuan per square meter.

▲ Yiwu Industrial Park warehouse, batches of goods are sent from here to all parts of the country. Picture / Visual China
In addition to industry, Lin Sen also has some “personalized” perceptions of various counties and cities. “The Wuyi people in my impression are very easy-going, and Yongkang has a shrewd atmosphere. Yiwu small commodities are more famous, and people there are more socially capable. Strong”.

In his impression, most people in Zhejiang have no tradition of real estate speculation, except for the well-known “Wenzhou Mission” in the country, but everyone loves to buy houses. “First of all, if you have a self-built house in your hometown, you must build it very well. The decoration is costly. If you have money, you will buy a house in the county town. If you have money, you will buy it in Hangzhou.”

Local people “like buying houses”. In his opinion, it is not “speculation” and “savvy” in the eyes of outsiders, but because everyone is busy running a concrete business at hand and does not have much knowledge about investment and financial management. Buying a house It is a conservative concept of assets.

This concept keeps Zhejiang people’s demand for houses continuing to be fierce. According to statistics from the “China House Price Quotes Network” in March, 46 of the 53 counties in Zhejiang Province have an average house price of over 10,000, almost half of the “national house price over 10,000 counties”.

People in Putian who also have business traditions like to buy and store houses just like Zhejiang people.

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