Soul announces suspension of US stock IPO process

Whip Bulls News on June 23, the social platform Soul issued a statement today announcing the suspension of the US stock IPO process. The statement stated that after careful consideration, Soul’s management first suspended the IPO pricing process, and major shareholder QQ Music also supports this decision.

The following is the full text of the statement:

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your continued support to Soul. Everyone knows that we are applying for an IPO in the United States and the process is very smooth. In the process, we met strategic partners and investors who loved us very much, and received support from many parties. We are very happy to get very hot market feedback after updating the pricing range. In this process, the company also received the possibility of other capital operations. After careful consideration, the management first suspended the IPO pricing process. Our major shareholder Tencent also supports this decision.

Soul is currently operating normally, and it will usher in the expected growth. We will let more people use our products, and pass on kindness, warmth and truth to more Soulers. Thanks again everyone!

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