The magic theme song goes out of the circle

Have you been brainwashed by the Michelle Ice City theme song in the past two days? Because of the magical theme song “You love me, I love you, Michelle Bingcheng is sweet”, Michelle Bingcheng has become popular on Weibo, Station B, Douyin and other social media.

With 3 yuan of ice cream, 4 yuan of lemonade, and 8 yuan of milk tea, Michelle Ice City has surpassed 10,000 stores in June last year. Can’t help but let the outside world marvel that there is still money to be made with such a cheap product?

The magic theme song goes out of the circle

Michelle Ice City

On June 3, the Michelle Ice City official account uploaded the theme song MV “You Love Me, I Love You, Michelle Ice City Sweet Honey” on station B, and then uploaded the Chinese and English bilingual version with magical melody and The simple lyrics made this theme song MV received more than 12.82 million views and 650,000 likes.

The two videos officially released by Michelle Ice City have over 12 million views

The “UP masters” (online uploaders) in the ghost animal area of ​​Station B have made secondary creations based on the theme song, which has brought a wave of traffic to Michelle Ice City. For a while, this theme song appeared in English, Russian, Japanese, Thai and other languages, and even Sichuanese, Cantonese, Guangxi, Northeastern dialects and other local dialects. It was published on Weibo, Douyin, Social media platforms such as Kuaishou spread widely.

Beijing Opera Version Michelle Ice City Theme Song
After the theme song became popular, there was news that Michelle Ice City offline stores can sing the theme song for free, attracting many netizens to “check in and sing” at Michelle Ice City stores. However, many netizens overcame the “social fear” after singing and dancing at the Michelle Ice City store, and did not get the free rewards. The store staff also said that they did not publish such activities.

Many netizens go to Michelle Ice City to “check in and sing”
On June 20, the Red Star Capital Bureau called the number of the Chengdu branch of Michelle Ice City. The relevant staff said that the “Sing the theme song to get a free ticket” activity was not an official activity of the company, but was spontaneously organized by some stores. Only some stores participate in this event.

Whether it is an official event or not, Michelle Ice City has earned a lot of popularity and gained a lot of popularity, and it has gained a lot of popularity, # no wonder 蜜雪冰城歌话很耳熟#, #蜜雪冰城社死直播#, #蜜雪冰城主题曲#, etc. Many hot searches, as of June 20, the number of readings of related Weibo topics has exceeded 130 million, and the topic of Douyin has also been viewed 790 million times.

In fact, the melody of the theme song of this magical upper brain comes from a folk song “oh, Susanna” (transliteration “oh, Susanna”), which is a country folk song written by Stephen Foster in 1847. It has a history of 174 years. The theme song of Michelle Ice City selected one of the content with strong sense of rhythm and simple melody. Through simple adaptation and repetition, although there are only 13 words, it has achieved rapid transmission.

Since its establishment in 1997, Michelle Ice City has a history of nearly 24 years, and it has not been frequently seen by the public until recent years. In addition to the popular theme song, when it comes to Michelle Ice City, “low price and affordable” is its biggest feature. 3 yuan ice cream, 4 yuan lemonade, and 8 yuan milk tea have allowed Michelle Ice City to occupy a huge market share in the sinking market. According to statistics, in June 2020, Michelle Ice City became the country’s first A tea brand with more than 10,000 stores.

Relying on the rapid expansion of “walking volume” franchise

In 1998, Zhang Hongchao, the brother of Zhang Hongfu, the founder of Michelle Ice City, opened a “Cold Current Shaved Ice” cold drink shop in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, which was also the predecessor of Michelle Ice City. At that time, Zhang Hongchao was still studying in Henan University of Finance and Economics (now Henan University of Economics and Law). In order to reduce the burden on his family, he rented a small window specializing in various cold drinks such as shaved ice.

On the official website of Michelle Ice City, Zhang Hongchao’s entrepreneurial history was described in the form of comics. From 1999 to 2003, Zhang Hongchao’s Michelle Bingcheng store moved four times. In addition to selling cold drinks, Zhang Hongchao also sold apples and candied haws, and even opened a Michelle Bingcheng Chinese and Western restaurant and a Michelle Bingcheng home cooking restaurant.

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