The fifth round of national drug procurement

Since the end of 2018, the national centralized drug procurement has gone through four rounds and five rounds (including one “4+7” expansion). Today (23rd) is the day when the fifth round of national bids is opened.

In terms of the number of varieties and the scale of drugs purchased, this round of drug procurement has made breakthroughs.

This round of centralized procurement, based on common names, involved 58 varieties and nearly 140 product specifications, the highest in history. The scope of drug use covers multiple fields such as anti-tumor drugs, digestive preparations, antibiotics, inhalation preparations, contrast agents, diabetes drugs, ophthalmology-related drugs, and antiviral drugs.

At the same time, according to industry estimates, the scale of this round of centralized procurement will exceed 60 billion yuan, far exceeding the previous four rounds of centralized procurement.

Because the market is huge, in terms of sales amount, the previous 1 billion yuan sales level can be regarded as a “big variety” of “blockbuster”, and it is no longer ranked in this centralized procurement. Basically, the top 3 billion varieties, including budesonide inhalation, esomeprazole (esomeprazole) injection, levofloxacin sodium chloride injection, moxifloxacin eye drops, Four major cephalosporin antibiotics and so on.

According to Wall Street’s knowledge, it is estimated that more than 200 companies will participate in the centralized procurement bidding. The major companies involved are Hengrui Pharmaceuticals, China Biopharmaceuticals, Jiangsu Hausen, Yangtze River Pharmaceuticals, Kelun Pharmaceuticals, Qilu Pharmaceuticals, and Orsay. Kang et al. In addition, foreign companies such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline also have many products on the list.

It is worth noting that the first four rounds of centralized procurement were mainly in oral dosage forms, but in this round of centralized procurement, injections became a “big family”, and 29 of 58 varieties were injections, accounting for 50%.

Due to the huge market size of chemical injections (in 2019, the market size of chemical injections in public medical institutions reached 635.5 billion yuan), and it is difficult to sell outside the hospital, the market expects that the competition for centralized procurement will be fierce.

In addition, unlike the previous one-year procurement cycle for injections in National Procurement, the procurement cycle of this round of centralized injections is the same as that of oral preparations. The number of selected companies will be given a procurement cycle of 1-3 years, and longer procurement The cycle is bound to intensify competition.

As the “medical brother”, Hengrui Medicine will face a real test in today’s collection.

This time, Hengrui has 8 over-rated varieties participating in the competition, including oxaliplatin injection, cisatracurium benzenesulfonate injection, iodixanol injection, dutasteride soft capsules, and docetaxel. Injection, glycopyrrolate injection, ropivacaine hydrochloride injection and palonosetron hydrochloride injection.

Among the 8 varieties, oxaliplatin, cisatracurium benzenesulfonate, iodixanol, docetaxel, etc. are still over 3 billion.

In addition, from the perspective of market share, Hengrui Medicine’s market share of 4 varieties of cisatracurium benzenesulfonate injection, iodixanol injection, docetaxel injection, and oxaliplatin injection are also compared. high.

This also means that in this round of centralized procurement, Hengrui Medicine will start a “defense war” to defend the original market.

Wall Street learned from the fifth round of national drug procurement site that although the large variety of iodixanol has failed the bid, the other three major varieties of Hengrui Pharmaceuticals are oxaliplatin, docetaxel, and cisatracurium bensulfonate. All the injections won the bid.

Zhengda Tianqing and Healthy Yuan won the bid for budesonide inhalation

Wall Street learned from the fifth round of national drug procurement site that in the bidding for budesonide inhalation (2ml:1mg), China Biopharmaceutical subsidiary Chia Tai Tianqing and Sinochem’s wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Mrs. respectively paid 5.65 yuan. The bid was won at the price of RMB 3.39 per stick and RMB 3.39 per stick, which was 60% and 76% lower than the highest effective declared price of 14.036 yuan per stick, respectively. A total of 5 companies bid for budesonide, and the original researcher AstraZeneca was eliminated.

According to data from Mi, in recent years, the market for terminal inhalation drugs in public medical institutions in China has been expanding year by year, and the annual growth rate has remained at double digits. It broke the 20 billion mark for the first time in 2018 and reached 23.68 billion yuan in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 10.51%. A relatively high-quality track.

Budesonide suspension is an inhaled glucocorticoid and is administered through a nebulizer for the treatment of bronchial asthma. The original research is AstraZeneca’s Pulmicort Resul, which was approved by the US FDA in August 2000 for marketing, and my country approved for import in November 2001, with specifications of 0.5mg/2ml and 1mg/2ml.

Budesonide is the best seller of inhaled preparations. In 2019, among the Top 20 brands of terminal inhalants in China’s public medical institutions, budesonide ranked first, and the terminal sales of domestic public hospitals have exceeded 7 billion yuan.

On February 26, 2020, CP Tianqing successfully won the first domestic imitation of budesonide suspension, and the approved specification was 2ml:1mg, breaking the domestic monopoly of the original research company for 20 years in one fell swoop.

Iodixanol bids, Hengrui and Beilu are out

Wall Street learned that in the fifth round of national drug procurement site, Hengrui Medicine and Beilu Pharmaceutical were out of the bidding for iodixanol, and Stellite, Nanjing Zhengda Tianqing, Yangzijiang, and Yuanyan General Electric won the bid.

Iodixanol is an iodine contrast agent. Contrast Media, also known as Contrast Media, is a chemical product injected (or taken) into human tissues or organs to enhance the effect of image observation.

Iodine-containing contrast media mainly include iohexol, ioverol, iodixanol, iopromide, iopamidol, iodiol, iodized oil, iomeprol and diatrizoate meglumine. Among them, iohexol has the largest domestic market share, followed by iodixanol, ioverol, iopromide and iopamidol.

Iodixanol is a large variety of Hengrui. According to data from Meinenet, in 2019, the sales of iodixanol injection in public medical institutions in China exceeded 3.5 billion yuan. Among them, Hengrui Medicine occupies a market share of 50.48%, the original research General Electric accounted for 34.14%, and Yangtze River approximately 10%. In addition, Beilu Pharmaceutical and Zhengda Tianqing accounted for a very small part of the market.

Stellite won the bid for iohexol

Wall Street learned from the fifth round of national drug procurement site that Stellite successfully won the bid for the two varieties of iohexol injection.

According to research by relevant securities firms, the national sales of iohexol injections in 2020 will be about 4 billion yuan, of which Yangtze River will account for 50%, the original GE will account for 28%, and the remaining 22% will be Beilu Pharmaceutical, Hunan Hansen, Hunan Jinjian, and Fuan Pharmaceutical Waiting for 8 companies.

In terms of the supply of raw materials, Yangtze River and GE’s raw materials all come from GE, and the remaining 200 tons of raw materials are all supplied by Stellite.

Stellite iohexol injection (100ml: 30g; 100ml: 35g) was approved for drug registration in June 2020. Prior to this, the company had signed a cooperation agreement with Hengrui Pharmaceuticals, and the latter was mainly responsible for the commercial operation of the product in mainland China, including marketing, sales by itself or with distributors.

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