News said Wanda light assets

According to people familiar with the matter, Dalian Wanda Group is seeking to raise 20 billion yuan for its Wanda light asset business management company before its IPO, which plans to list in Hong Kong by the end of the year.

News said Wanda light assets

Sources said that the IPO Financing is mainly for private equity investors, with a target valuation of 200 billion yuan.


However, one of the sources said Wanda and a number of potential investors approached by its financial advisers thought the valuation target was “too high.”.


The source also said that Wanda Group plans to complete the financing by July and submit an IPO application for Wanda light asset business management in September.


If Wanda sells 10% of the shares of Wanda light asset business management company, which is common in quite large IPOs, the valuation of 200 billion yuan will make this IPO the largest listing of real estate management company in Hong Kong since at least 2016, surpassing the $1.8 billion IPO of Evergrande real estate services group last November.

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