Japan’s former finance minister urged

Japan needs to consider canceling the Tokyo Olympics and accelerating the launch of vaccines to cope with growing virus infections, former finance minister Shinichi ahumi said on Tuesday.

Japan's former finance minister urged

“It’s time to seriously consider cancellations or delays,” an said in an interview He added that recent polls showed that 70 per cent of the Japanese public opposed the Tokyo Olympics.


He said that with the increase of new crown virus cases, the government’s priority should be to speed up vaccine development. To do so, red tape limiting the number of vaccinations that can be vaccinated should be reduced and vaccines should be distributed more effectively within Japan.


“We need a lot of people who can actually get vaccinated,” said anjuichun He acknowledged that the difficulty of getting vaccines from abroad also delayed the vaccination process. “The regulations are not relaxed, only a few medical professionals are allowed to take the vaccine.”


There are growing speculation that Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan will soon put Tokyo and other cities in a third state of emergency to try to control the latest surge in infection. The renewed emergency and stricter activity restrictions will delay economic recovery, while further testing the decision makers and Olympic organizers’ determination to move forward the Summer Olympics.

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