McDonald’s will be in nearly 50 countries

McDonald’s (231.81, – 1.27, – 0.54%) announced that it will cooperate with the Korean popular men’s bulletproof Youth League (BTS) to promote a new package, hoping to expand its original star promotion based on the United States to a global scope.

McDonald's will be in nearly 50 countries

McDonald’s said in a statement on Monday that the BTS package will be launched in nearly 50 countries including South Korea from next month, including McNuggets, French fries and two kinds of dips.


During COVID-19, revenues outside McDonald’s outside the United States declined. At a time when vaccination is driving economic recovery, the company hopes to use star promotion and limited time menu to attract consumers back.


McDonald’s previously launched similar packages in the United States in collaboration with singers J balvin and Travis Scott, and said they boosted sales in the second half of last year.

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