Volvo will make a trip for Didi

Volvo, the Swedish car maker, announced on Monday that it would sign an agreement to provide test vehicles for didi travel’s automatic driving subsidiary.


Volvo will provide XC90 SUV with standby driving and braking system, and didi automatic driving company will integrate Volvo’s system with its latest automatic driving hardware platform, Didi Gemini. It is worth mentioning that Volvo XC90 is the first model integrating Didi’s new hardware platform didi Gemini, which will be used in Didi’s automatic driving road test in the future.


Alexander petrofski, head of Volvo’s strategy, said Volvo will initially provide didi with hundreds of cars, and with the expansion of its autonomous driving test fleet, it will provide more test cars.


Petrofski said a number of cars have been delivered to Didi.

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