More than 50000 people in Japan were infected by the epidemic

In Japan, the number of people who have difficulty repaying their home loans is increasing. Japan economic news website 13 reported that between March 2020 and December, COVID-19 caused more than 50 thousand people to repay mortgage difficulties, which was 5 times higher than the “3. 11” earthquake in East Japan.


The income of more and more home buyers has been declining during the epidemic, the report said. At the same time, the financing of new loans is rising, and some housing prices have reached the highest level since the Japanese bubble economy.


According to the latest data of the Bank of Japan (BoJ), by the end of 2020, Japan’s household housing loan balance reached about 220 trillion yen (about 13.2 trillion yuan), an increase of about 6.2 trillion yen over the previous year. The president of a real estate company in Japan believes that “in the housing market, home office and other reasons, people pay more attention to the living environment, and the demand for changing houses is increasing.

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