Three departments: forced implementation of “one out of two”

On April 13, the State Administration of market supervision, together with the central office of information technology and the State Administration of Taxation, held an administrative guidance meeting for Internet platform enterprises. The meeting implemented the deployment of the central economic work conference and the ninth meeting of the central financial and Economic Commission, affirmed the positive role of platform economy, analyzed the existing outstanding problems, and required that the warning role of Ali case be fully played. It was clearly proposed that Internet platform enterprises should be awed and abide by rules, comprehensively rectify problems within a time limit, and establish a new order of platform economy.


The meeting pointed out that China’s platform economy is in good shape. But in the rapid development, risks and hidden dangers are gradually accumulated, the harm can not be ignored, and it is urgent to regulate according to law. Some problems, such as forced implementation of “one out of two”, abuse of market dominant position, implementation of “pinching the top M & a”, burning money to seize the “community group buying” market, implementation of “big data killing”, disregard of “fake and shoddy”, “information leakage” and implementation of tax related violations, must be seriously rectified. Among them, the problem of forced implementation of “one out of two” is particularly prominent, which is a prominent reflection of the willful and disorderly expansion of capital in the field of platform economy, and a blatant trample and destruction on the order of market competition. Forced implementation of “one-of-two” behavior limits market competition, curbs innovation and development, damages the interests of operators and consumers in the platform, and does great harm, so it must be resolutely eradicated.


In view of the forced implementation of “one out of two” and other prominent problems, the meeting clearly proposed that platform enterprises should grasp the correct direction, enhance the sense of responsibility, adhere to the priority of national interests, adhere to the operation in accordance with the law and regulations, and adhere to the performance of social responsibilities, so as to achieve “five strict precautions” and “Five Guarantees”: strictly prevent the disordered expansion of capital to ensure economic and social security; strictly prevent monopoly disorder to ensure social security Fair market competition; strict prevention of technology strangulation to ensure the innovation and development of the industry; strict prevention of abuse of rules and algorithms to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of all parties; strict prevention of system closure to ensure the ecological opening and sharing. All platform enterprises should check tax related problems comprehensively in accordance with tax laws and regulations, policies and systems, and actively carry out self inspection and self correction.


The meeting required that all platform enterprises should conduct comprehensive self inspection and self inspection within one month, carry out thorough rectification item by item, and make public the “commitment to operate in accordance with the law” to the public and accept social supervision. The market supervision department will organize the follow-up inspection on the rectification of the platform. If any illegal behaviors such as “one out of two” are found after the rectification period, they will be punished severely according to law.


The meeting stressed that the policy bottom line can not be crossed and the legal red line can not be touched. Strengthening the standardized governance of illegal behaviors of platform enterprises does not mean that the attitude of the state to support and encourage platform economy has changed. Instead, we should adhere to the “two unswervingly”, respect the law of development of platform economy, further play the important role of platform economy, establish a new order of platform economy with fair competition, innovative development, open sharing, security and harmony, and promote the development of platform economy Now the platform enterprises are more energetic, online consumption is more convenient and high quality, and the platform economy is more prosperous and orderly.


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