Get through the “last mile” of inclusive finance Bohai Bank

The economy thrives and the finance thrives, the economy is strong, the finance is strong, the economy is the organism, and the finance is the bloodline. The two coexist and prosper together. Since 2021, Tianjin financial institutions have further optimized the financing environment, promoted financial product innovation, and used financial water to nourish the real economy and boost Tianjin’s take-off.

Recently, the “59998130” Bing hotline opened by Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bohai Bank”) Binhai New District Branch often keeps ringing. Individuals purchase wealth management products and companies apply for loans. The consultation needs of all parties vary.

Master these online loan application skills

The reporter learned that, in order to deepen and implement financial inclusive work, and effectively solve the “financing difficulties and expensive financing” of small, medium, and micro-enterprises, the Binhai New Branch of Bohai Bank has established an “inclusive service station”. The service station is equipped with a professional agile working group to carry out product promotion, business consultation, and demand response work in a regular manner. In addition, the branch also proactively matched and sorted out market demand, and drew the “Inclusive Quadrant Map.”

According to the relevant person in charge of the Binhai New District Branch of Bohai Bank, the “Inclusive Quadrant Map” is the service radius and the landing time. It implements wall chart operations, expands the service coverage by channel resources, and continuously extends the horizontal axis of the quadrant; in order to integrate the entire process Inclusive of the green channel, professional review and approval of inclusive business, continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of review and approval, and compression of the quadrant vertical axis, to ensure that inclusive services are strong, fast, grounded, and precise enough, and effectively open up banking services and universal services. The “last mile” to benefit customers.

Recently, Bohai Bank has just announced its first annual report since its listing. Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, the central government has issued a number of financial policies calling on financial institutions to benefit the real economy and guide the market to reduce corporate financing costs by lowering LPR. Bohai Bank actively implements the concept of inclusive finance development, effectively increases financing support for private enterprises, small and micro enterprises, and weak links in the “three rural” areas, accurately grasp the direction of financial services to the real economy and have developed a “Bohai “A unique road to inclusive finance Spark Global Limited.

The bank resolutely implements the central “six stability” and “six guarantees” overall requirements, and in accordance with the “five specializations” mechanism, further strengthens team building; accelerates product innovation, speeds up technological empowerment, anchors target customer groups, and increases precision marketing and delivery Strength; Actively embrace the innovation brought by Internet technology, and realize a new model of lean financial services driven by technology: During the new crown epidemic, the bank took multiple measures to improve the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy, helping companies fight the epidemic and resume work and production. During the reporting period, the bank’s inclusive financial loan balance was 43.165 billion yuan, an increase of 28.55 billion yuan over the end of the previous year, an increase of 195.35%; the accumulative interest rate of loans issued to inclusive small and micro enterprises that year was 5.74%.

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