Business owners who did not buy employer insurance?

      01. “Bao Zhunjun, let’s talk about the employee accidentally injured at work, the work injury insurance is compensated, and the group insurance is also compensated. Now the employee is still asking the company for compensation, is it too much!” “It’s too difficult, why can’t employees understand the company!”

Are employees’ compensation claims really excessive?

Whenever I see a business owner making such complaints, Bao Zhunjun feels wronged and helpless for them. What aggrieved is that he paid for insurance and continued to compensate his employees; helplessly, there are still business owners and friends who think that they have bought a group. In case of accidental insurance, the company will not be liable if the insurance claims.

According to Bao Zhunjun, Tuanyi Insurance has settled claims, and employees continue to claim compensation from the company. The demands are not excessive, but they are also justified.

“If the group insurance claims cannot be exempted, what is the point of buying it?”

Fundamentally speaking, the purchase of group insurance by a company can only be regarded as an additional benefit for employees. Because the group insurance protects the individual employees, the beneficiaries after the accident are also employees.

In other words, after an employee is injured at work, whether or not a group insurance claim is made does not affect the employee’s right to continue to apply for compensation from the company, nor can it exempt the company from its liability for compensation in the event of an employee’s work injury.

Therefore, in 2021, if business owners want to truly pass on corporate liability, they must buy employer liability insurance instead of group accident insurance.

02. What are the benefits to the enterprise by deploying employer liability insurance?

Yaobao Zhunjun said that the benefits of employer liability insurance to enterprises can be summarized in the following three aspects, which can be viewed together:

1. Passing on the employment risks of enterprises

For the reasonable and necessary medical expenses incurred by employees after work-related injuries, in addition to reimbursement for work-related injuries, the compensation expenses that need to be borne by the company can be passed on to the insurance company.

If the company does not pay social security to its employees, then the costs incurred due to work-related injuries need to be borne by the company itself. At this time, it can also be passed on by the employer’s liability insurance.

2. Reducing the financial burden of enterprises

In addition to the compensation costs caused by work-related accidents, employer liability insurance can be included in the production cost of the enterprise, can be deducted before taxes, and does not squeeze the enterprise expenses.

3. Reflect the care and temperature of the company

For enterprises, whether it is formal employment or flexible employment, employer liability insurance and extended liability can be configured to provide employees with more protection and give employees more care.

Since the employment risk is passed on, the correct posture is to configure employer liability insurance, then how to choose the product?

Today, Bao Zhunjun will share with you a popular employer product-the Chinese Employer All Premium Insurance.

03. First of all, Bao Zhunjun will take all business friends to look at the basic product form of “China Employer All Premium Insurance Spark Global Limited”.


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