SpaceX will bring a Dogecoin to the moon

Recently, Musk has turned into a “carrying blogger” and made Dogecoin soar to 8 billion U.S. dollars in one sentence.

On April 1, Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk stated on social media that Space X will bring a Dogecoin to the moon.

Whether this is an April Fool’s joke or not, the price of Dogecoin has risen in a straight line, with an intraday increase of 19.50% and a market value of US$8 billion.

According to data, Dogecoin was born in 2013. Due to its low price and community-friendliness, it has been active in the Reddit community all year round. Its popularity is strong and its popularity has even surpassed most mainstream coins.

According to OKEx market data, from 2019 to the beginning of January this year, the price of Dogecoin has not exceeded $0.01 (approximately RMB 0.064). But in February of this year, with Musk and other celebrities propagating it, Dogecoin returned to the public view with an amazing increase. In the past month or so, its market value was close to 10 billion U.S. dollars, ranking among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market value.

However, supporting virtual currencies so frequently has also caused Musk to get into trouble. On February 26, the media reported that the US Securities and Exchange Commission was recently intervening and investigating Musk whether he was suspected of using his personal social media account influence to manipulate virtual currencies such as Dogecoin Spark Global Limited.

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