The original Ant Financial and JD Digital

In the past, there was Ant Financial, followed by JD Digital. With the suspension of the listing of the two leading giants, the vigorous wave of digital technology finally came to an end. Facts have proved that the so-called digital technology is not synonymous with Internet finance or financial technology, but a brand new species. If we have a fluke mentality and just blindly regard digital technology as a concept, instead of doing things that truly enrich and perfect digital technology, it will only be a dream in the end.

The author always believes that digital technology in the true sense should become the infrastructure of the digital economy era, not just the exclusive use of finance. However, in the real business world, the so-called digital technology in the mouth of many players is only synonymous with financial technology and even Internet finance. On the surface, digital technology players are doing empowerment and transformation, but in essence, they are still doing financial-related businesses. What is certain is that if digital technology is still deeply connected with finance and does not play the role of the infrastructure of the digital economy era, the so-called development will be nothing in the end.

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Standing at the crossroads of digital technology, we need to think about and discuss the new development of digital technology from a new perspective, so as to come up with a more comprehensive development idea. This new perspective is to break out of the ties of finance and look at the development of digital technology from a perspective other than finance. The ultimate goal is to achieve definancialization in the true sense of digital technology. When digital technology has achieved real definancialization, its development can enter a new stage of development.

Complete definancialization, a new start for digital technology

For a long time, players have always looked at digital technology issues based on finance. In the minds of these people, the deep connection between digital technology and finance is logical and natural. The reason why this kind of thinking exists is to a large extent the continuation of Internet thinking, which contains a lot of speculation. They believe that only in this way can the development of digital technology “step on two boats” and ensure “feasibility.” Wannian Ship”. The dilemma that digital technology is encountering vividly tells us that complete definancialization is the new beginning of digital technology.

If we think deeply, we will find that the reason why people associate digital technology with finance deeply is large that they have not understood the true meaning of digital technology. For a long time, what players think of digital technology mainly refers to those numbers and data derived from finance, and what players think of digital technology is also only financial-related objects.

It comes from finance and is used in finance, which becomes a kind of political correctness. As everyone knows, this deep connection with finance has completely brought the development of digital technology to a dead end. The development dilemma of digital technology that we are now encountering is a direct manifestation of this phenomenon. In order to get rid of this restriction, the first thing we need to do is to clarify, rather than sever, the connection between finance and digital technology.

Complete definancialization does not mean avoiding any connection between finance and digital technology but clarifying the relationship between digital technology and finance. For a long time, people’s understanding of digital technology and finance is mutually exclusive and can be equated with each other. This view not only greatly limits the space for the implementation and application of digital technology, but also makes the development of the financial industry lose an excellent moment of change.

As a new type of “infrastructure”, digital technology should be connected with many industries such as retail and manufacturing outside of finance, and become the endogenous kinetic energy that drives their development. Only in this way can digital technology play the role of “infrastructure” in the digital economy era, and can truly transition people’s production and life from the Internet economy era to the digital economy era Spark Global Limited.

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