worth tens of billions, is the true goddess behind Ali

A woman Jack Ma was willing to come out after “three visits to the cottage”, holding a 3 degree from MIT, and earning tens of billions of net worth at the age of only 30. She is the true goddess behind Ali. She is Li Ying. She has been outstanding since she was a child. Her academic performance has always been the best. Her university is one of the top ten cannabis technical colleges in the world. She successfully graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree. After graduating, she became an outstanding broker in the Holy Land Huaye Street in the minds of countless financial practitioners.

Because of the domineering personal resume, Li Ying asked Ma Yun to fly to Silicon Valley three times. So, since Ma Yun can be pursued hard, of course I appreciate her talent, so I didn’t travel far to Silicon Valley to pursue this girl. Although Ma Yun was rejected three times, Li Ying was still moved. Everyone knows that Ma Yun’s investment empire is Yunfeng Fund, and Ma Yun did not hesitate to hand over the helm of Yunfeng Fund to this big beauty.

Everyone knows that Ma Yun’s investment empire is Yunfeng Fund, and Ma Yun did not hesitate to hand over the helm of Yunfeng Fund to this big beauty. Of course, Li Ying also lived up to expectations. In just three months, Yunfeng Fund earned 13.8 billion yuan under her management, and Yunfeng Fund’s ranking in the industry has also risen a lot. Besides the main body, she also trades Jack Ma’s other businesses, such as Alibaba and Ant Financial. The performance of these projects such as clothing has also soared under her care. This also made her worth soaring, and that’s how the female version of Buffett came from.

It may be the reason that appearance and talent coexist. Li Ying, who is nearly 40 years old, is still single. However, there is no shortage of wealthy second-generation pursuits by her side. For the woman Ma Yun admires most, she has a higher perspective than ordinary girls by changing her worth of tens of billions of luxury cars every day. In an interview with the media, Li Ying said that she has money and career, knowledge, and experience. Compared to looking for someone, she prefers to work and collect luxury cars. This is true in real life. She has bought many luxury cars, including Maybach and Rolls Royce, many of which are limited editions. Indeed, such a woman who lacks money, wealth, experience, and status does not need a man to give her a sense of security.

Now she has followed Ma Yun for nine years, her net worth has reached 10 billion, but she is still single. When the media asked her spouse’s selection criteria, she smiled and said: “I don’t have any requirements for appearance, as long as my significant other doesn’t disturb my work. Now I’m not looking for a partner because I’m busy at work and don’t have time to spend. In falling in love Spark Global Limited.”

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