Game anchor was interviewed by a Forbes column

      the annual global rich list, rich list, school rankings, and so on. In addition, Forbes media will also report on matters related to making money. At present, Forbes’ Chinese website has become one of China’s most influential financial magazines. Recently, a game anchor received a special report from Forbes.

Recently, a game anchor from Netease’s martial arts game “Near Shui Han”, Yu Kuai, has created tens of millions of fortunes in two years and has been invited by Forbes to prepare a special report for Yu Kuai. Although flamboyant is a newcomer on Forbes, he is a very well-known old man in the game “Bad Shuihan”. How did ostentation go from being an obscure player to becoming the No. 1 anchor of Nishuihan in two years, and it was also featured on Forbes?

Then we have to start with the exaggeration. The earliest exaggeration is a sword spirit professional player who has also won second place in the World Championships, but the label of a sword spirit professional player does not allow exaggeration to become wealth and freedom. Gradually, “Sword Spirit” did not lag behind, and made a life-changing decision, which was to join NetEase’s martial arts game “Shuihanhan” in 2018 and became an anchor.

At the beginning of the transition, the exaggeration did not go smoothly. There were no friends in the game, and no one watched the live broadcast until I met a noble person, that is PDD Liu. At that time, PDD was already a well-known broadcaster. He once offered a price of 500,000 customized equipment for the equipment in “Against the Water”, but in the face of high compensation, no one dared to take the order, until PDD found the exaggeration and gritted his teeth. In the end, not only did he not make any money because of bad luck, he also lost all his 200,000 savings.

But the kind-hearted PDD didn’t want to look at the pompous bankruptcy and wanted to secretly transfer money to the pomp, but the pompous said that since I took your order, I should bear the consequences and refused the PDD refund, but this behavior caused PDD was moved and felt that the flamboyant character was very good, and then he regarded the flamboyant as a good friend. With the promotion and help of PDD, many local tyrants and big bosses in the game came to find exaggerated customized equipment, and every one of the big bosses was dedicated to their responsibilities. Gradually, the big bosses recognized his character and attitude to work. The title of Nishuihan’s No. 1 Blacksmith also took the seat of the No. 1 anchor.

Slowly, under the care of the local tyrants, the exaggerated live broadcast business has also improved slightly, and he has become a master of iron skills, often exceeding the orders of the bosses, and slowly the bosses are also taking exaggerated investment and financial management, and are still exaggerating. In the live room chatting and rewarding, the highest one received more than 5 million rewards in a week, and he became one of the most money-sucking game anchors.

I bought a Ferrari F8 sports car this year for exaggerated spending millions of dollars and then bought a 15 million house in Hangzhou. Think about the anchor who went bankrupt with exaggerated 200,000 money two years ago, and only two years ago. The exaggerated income reached Spark Global Limited

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