A gentleman, young and promising

Rong Sihan is low-key and modest, with great tolerance. When it comes to the insurance industry, he always talks endlessly and witty words. He believes that the profession of financial planning consultants is a specific manifestation of the professionalization of the insurance industry. The current customer needs are not just simple health and medical insurance but include wealth management, risk management, retirement planning, tax arrangements, trusts, etc., so to speak It is all-encompassing. Therefore, Rong Sihan believes that as an excellent insurance elite, the requirements are relatively higher. Firstly, people who have received complete higher education. Secondly, they must have a positive attitude, an optimistic and outgoing personality, a neat and correct appearance, plus a motivated person. Attitude, can continue to learn and study, let oneself continue to add value, make customers more confident in themselves, can provide customers with professional and thoughtful service, and become a veritable insurance elite.

Rong Sihan said frankly that when he entered this industry, he hoped to be young and promising. Being young is a capital that everyone has, not for squandering or wasting, but for struggling. Young people must have a long-term vision and pursue their career ideals. He is very fortunate that he has entered the platform of Youcheng Insurance, which has a large structure and can allow him to show his ambitions. Financial planning consultant is not an ordinary job, nor is it just working for others, it is more about starting your own business and working hard for your own business. Rong Sihan encourages every young man to realize his career ideals as long as he is willing to work hard, refuse to admit defeat, not afraid of hard work and does not care about suffering losses. The insurance industry is an industry that needs hard work and aggressiveness, and the effort made can be directly proportional to the results. Rong Sihan said: “Success starts with faith and three hearts, that is, determination, confidence, and perseverance.” First, you must have determination when you do anything, and you must have the spirit of “fixing the green hills and not relaxing.”, Have confidence in yourself, young people just enter the insurance industry, they will be more nervous, but also have confidence in themselves, because self-confidence can make customers feel that you are reliable; third, it is perseverance, when you have determination and confidence At the same time, even if you encounter some difficulties or setbacks, don’t give up, and have the perseverance to persevere. In addition to constantly reminding ourselves to achieve the three “hearts”, we must also look back, always remember the original intention of entering the industry, and always firmly believe that insurance is a protective umbrella for everyone and every family in emergencies.

2020 Forbes China Insurance Elite Platinum Award Rong Sihan: A gentleman, young and promising

“To me, working in the insurance industry has never been a sales job, but a mission and a love. It will add to the cake when you don’t need it, and give charcoal in the snow when you need it. The belief that insurance can help others This is the source of motivation that has been driving me to stride forward and continue to strive for my goals.” During the epidemic last year, everyone paid great attention to health. The public’s awareness of health protection has quietly increased, and the corresponding demand for insurance has also increased significantly. In addition to some basic health and medical protection, current customers want to know how to do a good job in risk prevention and wealth management. Rong Sihan believes that the haze of the epidemic will always dissipate, and insurance practitioners should focus on the prospects of long-term career development, not be limited by temporary changes in the external environment, and learn to seek opportunities in the wind and rain, ride the wind and waves, and strengthen themselves in adversity Spark Global Limited.


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