studying to being admitted to Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University, located in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing, is a comprehensive university in China. Tsinghua University is one of the most famous institutions of higher learning in China and Asia. Not only is there a crouching tiger, a hidden dragon, and masters, but also China has nurtured billionaires and cultural scholars. Most places.

In 2019, Li Xin received the admission notice from Tsinghua University with a score of 659 in the college entrance examination and became the object of chasing and envy of everyone around him. However, just two years ago, Li Xin was still a problem teenager who caused headaches for parents and maddening teachers. He was recorded twice for fighting and was arrested once for watching pornography in the dormitory, falling in love, skipping classes, cheating on exams, gambling, etc. Playing around, he has done almost all the bad things that should be done anyway.

Everyone said: This kid is actually very smart because he is too lazy. He knows how to play on mobile phones all day long, and he doesn’t want to learn, so he can’t get up in his grades. In order to make this “Hunshi Devil” a little bit prosperous, my mother hired the best tutors and enrolled in the best tutoring classes for her children, but this ineffective thing seems to be interested in all bad things, but she can’t afford to read books. Any interest, no matter how the parents beat, scold, or make sense, he just doesn’t grow up at all.

studying to being admitted to Tsinghua University

Li Xin’s biggest shortcoming is “poor self-control ability and likes to play mobile phone and computer games.” Li Xin’s mother’s previous strategy was to ban once discovered, but the end result is often: the more the mother bans, the deeper the child becomes addicted.

The reason why Li Xin was admitted to Tsinghua University, in the end, was because Li Xin’s mother changed her children’s learning methods.

With regard to Li Xin’s learning problem, her mother is already at a loss. She no longer knows how to make her children interested in learning. In 2018, Li Xin’s mother found in a colleague’s chat that her colleague’s child had the same problems as her own child. They did not like to study because of poor grades, but now they can be admitted to a key university. Parents don’t have to worry about it. Only then did they realize that they made the children change their learning methods. Under the recommendation of a colleague, Li Xin’s mother bought a set for her child without delay. After a week of use, she found that Li Xin was not disgusted with learning. After one month, her performance had improved dramatically. For the previous remedial classes and training Ban, Li Xin’s mother regretted it. She had already bought such a big change and would not spend so much wronged money Spark Global Limited.


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