Wingtech “buy the bottom” OFILM’s Apple business!

(Original title: Hundreds of billions of giants shot, “buying the bottom” of Ophelia’s Apple business! Another “fruit chain” concept stock is coming)

After being kicked out of the group chat by Apple, Ou Feiguang planned to package and sell related businesses at a 40% discount. On the evening of March 29, Wingtech announced the acquisition of OFILM’s Apple business and will complete the acquisition of OFIL’s “specific customer” camera business for 2.42 billion yuan. Affected by the news, Wingtech Technology opened higher today and rose nearly 4% during the session. As of midday, Wingtech Technology reported 101.61 yuan, up 3.26%, and the latest total market value was 126.5 billion yuan.

40% off package sale?

Wingtech acquires OFILM’s Apple business for 2.42 billion yuan

On the evening of March 29, Wingtech Technology (600745) issued an announcement stating that the company acquired Oufei Guangyuan’s “specified customer” business in cash, involving an investment of 2.42 billion yuan.

Wingtech announced that the company intends to purchase 100% equity of Guangzhou Delta Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Guangzhou Delta”) held by OFILM and Jiangxi Jingrun Optical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiangxi Jing “Run”) owns equipment related to the supply of cameras to specific overseas customers. Among them, the transaction price of Guangzhou Delta’s 100% equity is 1.7 billion yuan; the transaction price of the underlying equipment owned by Jiangxi Jingrun is determined to be 720 million yuan, and the total transaction price is 2.42 billion yuan.

However, it is worth mentioning that in the “Acquisition Intention Agreement” released on February 7, the initial purchase price of the above two companies was 10*A+B. A=Guangzhou Delta Imaging Technology Co., Ltd.’s 2020 audited net profit, B=The transaction price of operating assets, the estimated total price is about 6 billion yuan, and the total purchase price of only 2.42 billion yuan is relative to the Up to 40% off.

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Wingtech may join the “fruit chain”

It is still expected to regain orders after passing the factory audit

Regarding this acquisition, Wingtech stated that, in order to further extend to the upstream of the industrial chain, the company has become a mainstream supplier of camera module business and promotes long-term sustainable growth of the company’s performance. The main business of the target asset is the production and sales of miniature cameras and related components. The asset operation efficiency is relatively high, the technology research and development capabilities are relatively outstanding, and it has a professional and efficient technology research and development team. After the completion of this transaction, the company will further broaden its business footprint and form a complete industrial chain, so as to better seize the development opportunities of rapid growth in the fields of 5G, IoT, and smart electric vehicles, and promote the long-term sustainable growth of the company’s performance.

On March 17, according to OFILM’s disclosure, it has recently received notification from specific overseas customers that the specific customer plans to terminate the procurement relationship with OFILM and its subsidiaries. In the future, OFILM will no longer obtain existing business orders from specific customers. It is understood that the “specific customer” here refers to Apple.

After the completion of the acquisition, it means that OFILM is completely out of Apple’s supply chain. In this way, can Wingtech Technology take the opportunity to join the “fruit chain”? Wingtech Technology reminded in the announcement that the target asset can only be re-acquired after the transaction is completed and passed the audit of a specific customer. There is still uncertainty about whether the order can be obtained in the end Spark Global Limited.




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