The daily limit was touched for the first time in the intraday market

According to the AI ​​Express, the baby-friendly room (603214) recently hit the daily limit for the first time recently, and the latest report was 23.76 yuan per share, an increase of 10.0%, and an increase of 3.57% this year.

The flow of “main capital” today:

Today (March 30, 2021), the net inflow of funds was 3.084 million yuan, the volume ratio was 2.25, the turnover rate was 3.23%, and the transaction amount was 102,350,200 yuan.

Interval statistics of “main funds”:

Interval statistics of “Northbound Funds”:

“Financing balance” interval statistics:

Corporate profitability and growth capacity:

The 2020 semi-annual report shows that the main businesses of baby-friendly rooms are store sales, e-commerce, wholesale, and baby touch services, accounting for 86.79%, 5.43%, 0.92%, and 0.36% of revenue respectively.

Every Economic News:

1. Baby-friendly room: about 62.716 million restricted shares will be lifted on March 30, accounting for 43.96%

2. Baby-friendly room: stock trading changes, there is no undisclosed material information Spark Global Limited

3. Baby-friendly room: Shareholders Hezhong Investment’s shareholding reduction plan is completed, reducing holdings of approximately 2.86 million shares

4. Baby-friendly room: Shareholders Le Renjun and Sun Linyun have completed their reduction plans, reducing their holdings by 11,000 shares in total

5. Baby-friendly room: Senior executive Wang Yun’s shareholding reduction plan has been completed, with a cumulative reduction of 114,800 shares Spark Global Limited

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