Attention 620,000 shareholders, your stock is at great risk!

Under the new delisting regulations, individual stocks such as ST Lawton and ST Kay Switzerland have triggered delisting risk warnings. The first non-ST stock that may be subject to a delisting risk warning will also be born. According to the latest announcement, some companies have disclosed in advance that they may be subject to delisting risk warnings. Will tech will disclose its annual report on April 7. The two financial data of revenue and net profit have touched the new delisting risk warning rules. The exchange may implement a delisting risk warning.

It should be pointed out that, compared with ST stocks, the implementation of delisting risk warnings for non-ST stocks will have a much greater impact on the stock price. Investors should be wary of similar risks. The impact of the new regulations is not only reflected in the release of stars and hats, some ST stocks will also be released because of the new regulations. The recent trend of daily limits in the ST sector may be caused by the impact of the new regulations.

9 non-ST stocks face *ST risk

According to the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s listing rules (revised in 2020), the financial category will be *ST in the following three situations:

1. The audited net profit of the most recent fiscal year is negative and the operating income is less than 100 million yuan or the net profit of the most recent fiscal year after retrospective restatement is negative and the operating income is less than 100 million yuan; to deduct non-recurring The lower of the sexual gains and losses shall prevail.

2. The audited net assets at the end of the most recent fiscal year are negative, or after retrospective restatement, the net assets at the end of the most recent fiscal year are negative;

3. The financial accounting report of the most recent fiscal year has been issued with an inability to express an opinion or a negative opinion.

Attention, 620,000 shareholders, the timetable is here

According to regulations, after the annual report is disclosed, the stock transactions of the above-mentioned companies may be subject to delisting risk warnings. According to past experience, after a listed company is *ST, the stock price will likely fall further, and investors may suffer greater losses. Data treasure statistics show that as of the latest disclosed data, the total number of shareholders of the above-mentioned companies exceeds 620,000.

The company that recently disclosed its annual report is Willtech, which will disclose its annual report on April 7. Followed by Guangzhou Langqi and Huachangda, which disclosed their annual reports on April 15 and 19, respectively. The last batch of companies is LVGEM Holdings, Dalian Shengya, Fenghua Co., Ltd., China Real Estate Co., Ltd., etc., which will disclose their annual reports on April 30.

ST plate set off the daily limit tide

After some stocks disclosed delisting risk warning announcements, their stock prices fell sharply. Such as green investments court, four consecutive word limit. On the whole, the share prices of the above-mentioned stocks have fallen sharply this year, and individual stocks such as Huazi Industrial, Brand New Good, and Green Court Investment have all fallen more than 40% during the year. Adversity rising stocks only Western tourist, Dalian Sun Asia, the East China Sea A , four shares.

In the long run, the delisting risk warning stocks under the new regulations are mostly shell stocks with poor management. In the context of the promotion of the registration system, the risks are self-evident. The new regulations can be described as a precise blow to shell stocks, while ST stocks that have the ability to continue operations but may continue to lose net profit will benefit significantly. This type of company no longer has to stick to short-term net profit, but can focus on long-term business goals Spark Global Limited.


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