Week K rebound is subject to moving average pressure

The Shanghai Composite Index ended this week with five consecutive Yin trends. From the perspective of Week K, it rebounded weakly this week. The deviation of volume and price will not continue when there is no trading volume to further cooperate with incremental funds entering the market. The weekly line is subject to the pressure of the upper five-week line. The Shanghai Composite Index, CSI 300, or SSE 50 have not touched the five-week line. The Shanghai Composite Index and CSI 300 are trending relatively strong, and the SSE 50 is the weakest. The day line rebounded on Friday and the unilateral rise broke through the five-day line. The closing price was subject to the pressure of the ten-day line. The Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 points were relatively strong on the disk, and the Shanghai Composite 50 was slightly weaker. GEM has nothing to do with options.

The Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.4% this week, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300-week gains were 0.62%, and the Shanghai Composite 50-week gains were 0.5%. The weekly rebound did not exceed 1%, and the trading volume further shrank Spark Global Limited.

SSE 50 and CSI 300 are brewing at the end of the weekly five-line negative trend. The next week’s volume may not be able to cooperate. There is a possibility that the rebound may end further down, and the rebound is expected to rebound at the beginning of the week. The rebound is near the corresponding point of the 20-week pressure. , The Shanghai Composite Index is 3450, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 is 5120, and the Shanghai Stock 50 is around 3600.

However, under the external hidden risks, it may close the upper shadow line and continue to fall downward. Now that the broader market has fallen deeper, the fundamentals of the plunge have been released. The market outlook may show a downward trend. 3700 points may be the high point of this year. The market outlook may be the same as the trend from July to December last year.

In terms of options, this week has just experienced a doomsday carnival put double the market, several times the increase, in doomsday gambling, you must be alert to risks and never take large positions. You must use risk-controllable funds to play games, and you have made gains and losses. It doesn’t hurt to return to zero.

After the delivery date, the main trading force is the April contract. The beginning of the month is far from the exercise date. The time value is rich. The price of options contracts is more expensive, the loss of time value is slower, the leverage of the out-of-value contract is higher, and the hidden wave is higher. When trading, try to avoid out-of-value contracts, especially if the market cannot further quickly kill the sell-off, the value of out-of-value contracts will return, and the out-of-value contracts will fall significantly.

The daily trend of the option treasure volatility index maintains a volatile downward trend. The continuous downward wave brings an expectation of rising volatility. At this time, the volatility has the basis for rising. Now the volatility as a whole maintains an uncorrelated trend, that is, regardless of rising or falling Many people are confused about the volatility and do not know when the volatility rises and when the volatility falls, so the editor will analyze it. At this time, the right position should be mainly intraday trading to avoid losing the time value of the overnight position.

Yiwu warehouse seller’s spring lie-to-win stage is coming. However, there is limited room to drop the wave. Beware of sudden changes in the market and the rise of the wave will cause serious damage to the seller. The 15-minute trend of U.S. Treasuries fluctuated slightly and fell below the 1.7 marks. The U.S. dollar also continued to appreciate, breaking through the 92 U.S. dollar. It was about to touch the annual line, and the U.S. dollar appreciated on the moving average into a fast-track trend of unilateral rise. The continued rise of the US dollar may put greater pressure on the stock market.

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