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Can mainstream currencies such as the U.S. dollar, euro, etc. invest in Spark Global Limite?

Spark Global LTD Review 0.9 Spark Global LTD information Website: Owner: SPARK GLOBAL LTD Address: 3 / F, Wing Tat Business Building, 97 Bonham East Street, Sheung Wan Email:   Can mainstream currencies such as the U.S. dollar, euro, etc. invest in Spark Global Limite?   The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the […]

Zhonggai shares collapsed again

When we wake up, the US shares are still falling sharply. Last week, the three education equity stocks that collapsed continued to fall by about 30 percent, the shell that fell sharply due to tighter regulation fell more than 27 percent, and the share price had retreated 60 percent in the year. Tencent ADR fell […]

Gem index rose 0.39%

The three largest indexes of A share are Baijiu, the stock index is flat, the Shenzhen index reaches 0.06%, and the growth enterprise market index is up 0.39%. On the disk, semiconductor, mining and services, nonferrous metals and other sectors are among the top gainers. This morning, FTSE China A50 Index futures opened up 1.08%. […]

Semiconductor plate strength

The three major A-share indexes opened in a collective high, with the three indexes rising in the early trading, the gem index up 1.32%, Shanghai index up 0.45%, and Shenzhen index up 0.59%. Semiconductor, coal, nonferrous metals and steel plates are constantly strengthening, and the Baijiu plate is warming up, and Shanxi Fen Liquor has […]

“Chip brother” becomes a male god

On the afternoon of July 26, the A-shares and Hong Kong shares of China core international suddenly rose against the trend, which led to a significant strengthening of the whole semiconductor plate. The Central International A shares and Hong Kong stocks rose 10.25% and 10.27% respectively. “Chip brother” suddenly the elephant danced, investors excited. The […]

Gem index fell more than 1%

The three major indexes of a shares opened high, and the three indexes in the early market fell sharply, while the gem index fell more than 1%, and the early market rose more than 1.5%; Shanghai index fell 0.61%, Shenzhen Chengzhi fell 1.08%, while traditional Chinese medicine, clothing home textile, education and other sectors were […]

Online education stocks fell sharply

A shares three index collective low open, stock index fell 0.35%, Shenzhen index fell 0.30%, gem index fell 0.55%, on the disk, steel, nonferrous metals, coal and other plate growth in the top, online education, Baijiu, CRO and other plate decline. Education stocks fell sharply at the opening. Many stocks such as doushen education, Kede […]

China Education stocks and US stocks

China Education stocks in the United States fell sharply before the market, New Oriental fell more than 40%, good future fell by more than 44%, high way fell more than 20%. On the news, China gold has sharply lowered the target price of education stocks such as New Oriental online. We will cut the target […]

All three indexes fell by more than 1%

The three major A-share indexes opened lower, and the three major indexes continued to weaken in early trading, with a decline of more than 1%. Semiconductor chip plate opened higher, Xinpeng micro limit, Beijing Junzheng, Quanzhi technology, Liyang chip, Shilan micro, etc. Military stocks continued to strengthen, Zhenhua Technology took the lead in closing the […]

Hot pot brother performance reversal

As a hot pot leader, Haidilao (06862. HK) has dropped its market value by about HK $200 billion from its peak in February. Now it will usher in a “reversal”. Year on year turnaround, but still less than expected The latest performance forecast disclosed on July 25 shows that from January to June this year, […]

Endorsement of two cros

Recently, Arnold pharmaceutical has submitted its form on the Hong Kong stock exchange, and the co sponsor is China gold company and Bank of America Securities. Under the hot situation of Hong Kong medicine, why are Arnold pharmaceutical companies favored by two cro companies as a few companies in biotech and invested by TEG medicine […]

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