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Can mainstream currencies such as the U.S. dollar, euro, etc. invest in Spark Global Limite?

Spark Global LTD Review 0.9 Spark Global LTD information Website: Owner: SPARK GLOBAL LTD Address: 3 / F, Wing Tat Business Building, 97 Bonham East Street, Sheung Wan Email:   Can mainstream currencies such as the U.S. dollar, euro, etc. invest in Spark Global Limite?   The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the […]

Blackstone plans to increase its US $1.1 billion stake in India

Blackstone (87.22, 4.26, 5.14%) said on Monday that it plans to buy another 26% stake in mpasis, an Indian IT outsourcing service provider, for 82.6 billion rupees (US $1.1 billion). Blackstone said it would buy the shares at 1677.16 rupees a share, slightly below mpasis’s closing price of 1696.5 rupees on Friday. In 2016, Blackstone […]

Copper prices hit a 10-year high

Copper prices soared to their highest level in 10 years as the market expects tight supply as the momentum of global economic recovery strengthens. With a wide range of industrial commodities, from iron ore to aluminum, copper prices have also risen rapidly recently. The accelerating pace of global vaccine promotion, the prospect of a rebound […]

Sanders has put forward a new bill

On Wednesday, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and representative pramila jayapal introduced a bill to provide free college education to students by taxing Wall Street. The college for all plan bill will eliminate tuition fees for families earning less than $125000 a year. It will apply to public four-year colleges and universities, as well as historically […]

Japan approved Lilai rheumatoid joint

Novel coronavirus pneumonia (novel coronavirus pneumonia) was approved on Friday by the Ministry of health and labour in Japan (187.05, -3.90, -2.04%), which is the third drug approved for the treatment of new crown pneumonia after the treatment of remdesivir and dexamethasone (dexamethasone) after the treatment of new crown pneumonia. Reed, Baricitinib, is the first […]

Cryptocurrency plummeted across the board

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies plummeted on Friday, evaporating more than $260 billion in the global market value of cryptocurrencies in 24 hours. As of about 14:06 p.m. Beijing time on Friday, bitcoin prices have fallen nearly 10% in the past 24 hours to $49281.40, according to coindesk. Ethereum fell more than 11 per cent to […]

SpaceX will be used for the first time after recycling

SpaceX, Musk’s commercial Rocket Company, will send four astronauts to the international space station on Friday morning local time. It will be the first time to send astronauts into orbit with rocket boosters recovered from previous space flights. The company’s “endeavor” manned dragon spacecraft will be launched by SpaceX’s “Falcon 9” rocket at 5:49 am […]

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