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Can mainstream currencies such as the U.S. dollar, euro, etc. invest in Spark Global Limite?

Spark Global LTD Review 0.9 Spark Global LTD information Website: Owner: SPARK GLOBAL LTD Address: 3 / F, Wing Tat Business Building, 97 Bonham East Street, Sheung Wan Email:   Can mainstream currencies such as the U.S. dollar, euro, etc. invest in Spark Global Limite?   The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the […]

Fire breaks out in the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer

The net profit of last year is expected to grow by 50% to 60% year-on-year, the frequency of six cro concept stocks reaches a new high, and the compound growth rate of domestic cro scale will exceed 20%.   Hackers invade, Intel releases financial report ahead of time   U.S. stocks ended mixed, with the […]

Cracking down on speculation in Shanghai property market

On the evening of January 21, the Shanghai Municipal Housing and Urban Rural Development Management Commission, together with the Shanghai Municipal Housing Administration and other eight departments, issued the “opinions on promoting the steady and healthy development of the city’s real estate market” (hereinafter referred to as the “opinions”), with a total of 10 articles, […]

McKinsey: making money from funds in the next five to 10 years

“The situation of” funds making money and basic people losing money “will be gradually broken.” On January 21, McKinsey, a global management consulting company, published the “how far is China’s first-class public funds from the world’s first-class?”? 》In this report, the agency made the above forecast for the development of China’s public fund industry in […]

Baidu, Bilibili secondary listing nearly

On January 20, the news of Baidu’s second listing in Hong Kong came out, and Baidu did not respond to this to the economic observer. According to the news, Baidu has identified Goldman Sachs and CITIC as its listing recommendation team, and plans to formally submit its listing application in Hong Kong after the Spring […]

Going south to buy 200 billion yuan in 13 days

Recently, due to crazy buying of Hong Kong stocks, “going south” has become a hot word in the market. On January 20, the southward capital bought HK $20.288 billion of Hong Kong stocks again, exceeding HK $20 billion for three consecutive days.   Why are Hong Kong stocks so popular with mainland funds? What Hong […]

Automobile industry has become the “arena” of technology giants

From China to the United States, technology companies and automobile companies are accelerating their cooperation in the development of automatic driving technology. In the future, the competition in the automotive field will evolve into an arena for technology giants. In the United States, technology giants including apple and Microsoft have begun to set foot in […]

The Chinese who bought a house in Australia suffered the worst losses

Source: Tencent Finance Recently, the World Wide Web published a report in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post. According to the report, many states in Australia are currently “laying the red carpet” to attract foreign investors. Once upon a time, the ability of the Chinese to buy houses in overseas countries such as Australia, Europe, the […]

he government made another move

Public information shows that the two real estate projects in Qianhai, Longgang Qianhai Tianjin and Tianjianyuegui Mansion, obtained pre-sale certificates together on the evening of the 18th. The appointment registration time is from 11:00 to 18:00 on January 19, and from 9:00 to 18:00 from January 20 to January 21. Make a set of at […]

Biden confirms nomination of two “Wall Street Nemesis”

With Biden’s confirmation on Monday of nominating tough leaders of two key regulators, the next four years on Wall Street may be worse than the market expected.   Gary Gensler, former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, is expected to lead the securities and Exchange Commission, while Rohit Chopra, a member of the Federal […]

The most professional manager in China

On the 19th, Hurun Research Institute released the 2021 Hurun China professional managers list for the first time, listing the top 50 most successful professional managers in China. Cheng Xue, vice chairman and executive vice president of Haitian flavor industry, became “the richest professional manager in China” with a fortune of 65 billion yuan. Liu […]

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